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After my studies in the fashion industry and following an experience in a footwear company, I asked myself what I would like to do in the future on a personal level. The answer I gave myself was to make a different product, which was not already on the market. Thus in 2014 Demanumea was born, with the idea of bringing art and fashion closer, but also of rethinking the world of mass fashion and fast fashion: those we are talking about are slow products, in terms of workmanship and duration, which draw on tradition Marche, where leather treatment has its

Giuseppe Fontana class of 1996, born in Caserta (Italy), founded the company MIRA Visionary Concept in 2015 which debuted on the international market in June 2017 at Paris Fashion Week and in October of the same year at Shanghai Fashion Week. The launch pad that positioned the brand right from the start on the international market. Today we work with various luxury boutiques around the world, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia, with collections that develop on a total look for men and women. Several worldwide distributors collaborate with MIRA in Italy, Russia and Greece.

From the continuous search for balances and behavioral codes that, translated from their aesthetics, allowed me to communicate what surrounds me and affects me every day, from the need to want to dialogue daily with the contemporary.

I am Jessica D’Urso, a young Sicilian stylist living in Milan. I love to create and I am fascinated by everything related to the world of fashion, art, photography and history. After graduating as a "Fashion Designer" I had different job experiences in the sector such as: Fashion Stylist, Showroom Assistant, 3D Fashion Designer etc. in various Italian companies. I traveled often for these jobs. But despite everything, my goal has always been to have my own brand where I can express myself through my creations. In 2019, thanks to the help of my partner Alberto, our company was born: JAYJES

During our time spent in London, we started browsing the many shops and markets that the city offers. There were obviously a lot of genres and styles, London is able to offer a vast amount of bizarre garments and lines, but with astonishment we noticed that the classic men's vest was never missing; the variations were endless, with different prints and fabrics, but the cut was almost always the same.

Hence the intuition of revisiting a purely masculine garment that could be presented in a modern key to a female audience.

My passion for design was born when I was little. I was passionate about hand drawing. I had an artist aunt who influenced me to draw and discover my creativity. I've always been a curious person. I am passionate about the stories that objects hide, where they come from and how they have traveled through the world of craft techniques.

The basic idea is that poetry, a story, a dream or an emotion can also become a form. My project aims at the empowerment of the individual, at strengthening the identity of the person through highlighting one's uniqueness and the fragility of beauty. Details that make you unique. The tools I use to do this work are slow design, conscious design, made in Italy, without overproduction and with particular attention to the connection with artisan producers. They are also details that tell stories and become symbols.

The year 2016 was the turning point for my brand. Until that moment, there had only been the jewelry project, but I then realized that I could and wanted to do even more. And after the jewelry, through the partnership with a production company, I also launched a clothing line. It is an international project which, in combination with the fashion jewelry, is distributed in foreign markets. dresses a woman with a strong personality and attentive to contemporary style. The Federica Tosi brand was born.

I am Evangeline de Sosa and I founded DELVE. It all started as a "game" and it was not my intention to create a brand. It was more of a need to have to name the collections I had started exhibiting in galleries in Rome. Delve is an English word that means deep research. If we read the word backwards starting from the "E" we can see my name EVangeLinE De Sosa.


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