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On the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, the Duvetica brand presented the FW21-22 collection. The brand amazed the spectators with a new and modern fashion show: the Laser Show. It was like sitting at the console for a videogame match. The brand's mascots: Lisa and Davide wore the FW21-22 garments.

From a young age I was always drawn to art and design. As I got older, I found that I was able to express myself through fashion and my clothing choices. I learned to sew from my grandmother who was a seamstress and introduced me to the craft.

My name is Chiara Salimbeni, I live in Florence and I am a sunny and curious girl. I grew up in my grandfather's workshop, immersed in art books and this detail has greatly influenced my aesthetics. In life, I have a brand called Jouetout to which I dedicate most of my time, and I am also a fashion teacher.

The allegorical language intrigues me and I appreciate the reality described with a critical and ambiguous eye, therefore after completing my studies in Graphic Art, admiring the visionary works of Bosch, Dürer and the aesthetics of Jodorowsky, I understood that the way to follow it was in some ways different from what I had undertaken.


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