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I was born between the sea and the sun of the beautiful Naples. Soon I will finish my studies at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts), an academy that has given me many theoretical and practical acquisitions to be able to develop my garments to the best of today.

Hi, I'm Natalia and I was born in Colombia. I lived in the first years of my life on a small island in the middle of the ocean and then I moved to 2,600 meters above sea level, to Bogota, where I graduated in Art. The passion for sculpture and terracotta has always accompanied me, even in Italy, where I moved about 5 years ago (first to Faenza and then to Bologna) to specialize in ceramics.

I founded my studio when I was very young, in 2010, and I was lucky enough to work as an art director taking care of catalogs, stands and the image of some Italian and foreign brands. This was a great training ground for understanding the importance of the image that a product conveys.

I am a designer, I also deal with graphics, art direction and training and I created Le Morandine, a collection of objects inspired by Morandi's still lifes. Le Morandine, I would like to say, are not a simple reference to Giorgio Morandi's art, but a real relational design project. Through these “inspirational artifacts”, I would like people to create interactions, with each other, with things, between them and Morandi, between them and me.


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