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I am Agnese, born in Milan, at 19 I went to live in Paris, where I started working as a fashion photographer. I have been taking photos since I was 18, but for a long time I slowed down a lot. My restart coincided with the return to my hometown, which took place a little over a year ago. I started by taking photos of the man, I wanted to capture the most delicate, introspective, in a certain sense feminine aspects. Then I turned to women, the main and fundamental subject of my work to date.

When and how did you discover the passion for photography? What is your first memory related to this art?

My father has always photographed and I have in mind these piles of negatives in the drawers of the house, the contact sheets in the paper bags, a detail of my newborn brother’s foot taken by him.

I must have been about ten years old, we were traveling by car, around us very smooth hills, it had just stopped raining and a rainbow had appeared. We stopped and my father made me take my first photo with his Nikon , then made me take another one “just to be safe”. I should still have them somewhere, I took four identical ones for fear they wouldn’t come. It is a habit that I still have today, that of always taking an identical duplicate, despite the fact that I shoot digitally.


How would you describe your photographic style?

I would define my style as delicate, sensual. All this, at least so far, strictly in daylight.

Is there, or has been someone or something that has influenced your work?

My father, at the beginning, he is a very important person to me who helped me get back on the right path when I got lost.

Is there a photo you are particularly attached to?

The shot I am most attached to is a photograph of my grandmother’s hand, I took it a few years before her death, we laughed a lot because she had cramps to hold it like that, suspended in the air.

What are your main references and where do you draw inspiration from?

There is no specific place, physical or virtual, from which I draw inspiration. Usually the stimuli are related to things I see, both online and in everyday life. Anything can become a source of inspiration.

Which photographers have inspired you the most?

The photographers who have inspired me the most are Patrick Demarchelier, David Hamilton, Giovanni Gastel, from whom I had the privilege of learning after graduating from the photography academy, and recently also Mario Sorrenti.

Describe your typical day, when you dedicate yourself to photography.

There are no days off from work, even when I say to myself “today I do something else” I always end up doing research. I start by looking online for inspirations for my shootings or by choosing the faces to photograph and imagining how I could shoot them. Then I divide it into millions of folders that occupy my desktop, I prepare pdfs, I share ideas with the team, only days later we go to the set to shoot, when the ideas are clear.

How would you define your role in society?

My role in society as a photographer? (Re)educate to beauty (I think it is needed now more than ever).

What is your motto?

Why do tomorrow what you could do today?

What is the best advice you have ever received?

As seemingly trivial as it is precious: Believe in yourself.

Projects for the future?

Getting to the Pirelli calendar.





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