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My name is Andrea Lanno, I am a photographer, I am 21 years old and I come from the province of Avellino.


How was your passion for photography born?

It all started a bit by chance. I don’t remember when exactly, maybe at 14 or 15, but I remember well how. My father had borrowed my cousin’s camera for family photos and I was fascinated by that gadget that seemed so special to me. The next day I took that camera and started photographing anything without knowing absolutely anything on a technical level, I didn’t understand why some photos came out black and others white. Shortly after my father returned the camera but something had already snapped in my head, so I decided to get it again. I started photographing my friends, especially Emma, my muse, with whom I shared a lot. Perhaps it is thanks to her that I am now here to answer this interview. I owe a lot to her.


Is there, or has there been, someone or something that has influenced your work?

Having moved to a city like Milan certainly helped me a lot, giving me new stimuli and impulses that only a country boy who moves alone, without knowing anyone in a city he has never visited before, can understand. And then the people I met: each of them added a more or less fundamental piece to what my work is today.

What are your main references and inspirations?

The subjects I shoot and the music. I scrupulously select the people I photograph as well as the music I listen to: I often let myself be carried away by this perfect combination when I’m on set.

Which photographers have inspired you the most?

It would be an understatement to limit myself to just mentioning a few names since there are so many, from iconic to contemporary, from fashion to reportage. I love seeing the work of other photographers and doing research.

What is beauty for you?

Simplicity. True beauty lies in the essential.

How do you choose your team members?

Many are the ones who have chosen me, and I am grateful for that. Others, on the other hand, simply happened by accident. I feel lucky to work with such talented people.

The photo you are most proud of?

I don’t think it exists. All, or perhaps none. I am never satisfied enough with my photographs. I will probably never take it.

How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

For me, the lockdown was therapeutic. I had time to reflect and experiment. All that time at home was like a wind-up. And the same now, with this second wave, I’m working on projects that for now I care for myself and that I care a lot. I can’t wait for everything to go back to normal in order to finally be able to put them into action.


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