Riccardo Antonio Leone, a young contemporary art artist, in particular I use the 3d pen (created entirely by hand) using recycled plastic.

When did you start taking an interest in design and fashion?

The ductility of the material used or the possibility of being able to fold and shape it leaves many possibilities open beyond just the creation of works of art, for this reason the desire to be able to experiment in synergistic areas such as fashion and design could be, especially during my stay in Milan last year, in fact, I managed to present a dress in Fashion Week ’20 the day before Covid exploded in Italy, and then came my live performance at Design Week in spring.

Is there, or has there been, someone or something that has influenced your work?

Isolation, loss of relationships, silence, emptiness, loss of life and emotions, not communicating for years, a victim of bullying and depression and consequent suicide risk are the foundations on which all art stands. A desperate, vital and energetic attempt to cling to the threads (the lines of the works) to return to life, to affirm myself. Extract from pain and suffering a new beauty, what no one had ever wanted to see inside me. The search for redemption, a path of resilience in transforming and shaping the negative into a positive, on the other hand, when you reach the extreme point, or succumb or manage to turn, is survival.

What do you start from when you work on a project?

Go in depth, disconnect and let myself be carried away by giving my personal opinion, always trying to push myself to the limit.

How would you define your aesthetic?

Strong, intense, an ordered chaos, a virus capable of being able to change the way you look at the world.

How are your ideas born?

Inner need to express.

Are there recurring features within your projects?

The line can be filamentous but it can also become matter, it is the least matter in the highest form.

What’s your favorite project?

The orange dress, the girl who wore it at Milan Fashion Week in 2020 had suffered a rape, hence the idea of creating a wearable work of art with which one could dress up with one’s emotions and show what she had suffered. A very strong project and an important artistic and human responsibility. I managed to combine Art – Fashion with social issues, alas, still current such as rape. The girl in the photos is not the original one who was raped!

What do you think of the fashion world today?

The covid crisis and the related economic and social problems is an opportunity to rethink an attached fashion and business system. It was a (hyper competitive) system that ran like a sprinter in the marathon, it would sooner or later explode.

In your opinion, what is the future of fashion?

Sustainability and slow fashion, greater customer awareness, less business from brands and greater social-environmental commitment.

What’s in your future? Do you have a specific plan that you are determined to follow?

Ambition, energy, fire, life, evolve and grow, set no limits and let the light that hands, mind and heart can push themselves to create. Fashion sector collaborating with brands especially in the high fashion sector. Art sector.



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