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My name is Davide Santinelli, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Bergamo, I recently graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, in my life I am a fashion photographer in Milan and assistant for the photographic studios in Milan. In addition to this, I dedicate myself to art in all its forms, especially painting and cinema, these two expressions of art are a source of inspiration for my work and for the understanding of our society.

How was your passion for photography born?

The passion for photography was born during one of my many business trips before starting my studies at the Art Academy of Brescia with a friend and colleague of mine who at the end of the working day dedicated himself to immortalizing places and people of the cities we were visiting. So, my approach to photography was a romantic approach to reportage photography. During the first year of the academy I realized that my way of seeing the world and thinking about the image was in contrast with reportage photography and that it was more closely linked to the world of fashion, so I started working creating my first fashion images.


What does photography represent to you?

In my work I make a distinction between the meaning of photography and that of the image. The image is something that is first constructed by our mind and then reproduced through the photographic medium. While photography represents the very reality of things. In the world of fashion I believe that we cannot speak of photography as it is a world of appearance and continuous construction to arrive at an ideal image possibly as perfect as possible, while in other forms of photography such as reportage, wedding photography, architecture, etc. .. they are sources of representation of reality, that is, photographs where beautiful photography derives from the skill of the photographer. So I believe that in fashion photography we should talk about image rather than photography, and the image for me represents the identification of one’s style through the use of one’s own thought, because we think through the use of the word and transform it into image.

Is there, or has there been, someone or something that has influenced your work?

Of course. Many people have influenced my work over the years, from the first year of academy until a year ago I had a lot of changes in terms of photographic styles because I wasn’t sure what I wanted and I was influenced by the thousands of images I saw daily. But this made me understand what kind of photographer I want to be and what images I want to create, so with the daily study of artists of different genres (painters, directors, photographers, etc.) I started to thin out all the images I have in myself accumulated up to that time so as to rediscover what I really like and to start a path that led me to a discovery of my identity as an artist.

Where do you draw inspiration for your photographs?

I am more inspired by painting and cinema. Painting for me represents the absolute identification of the image. While cinema is a continuous study of the use of framing, lights, expressions and movements that help set an excellent image.


How would you describe your photographic style?

For the moment I cannot answer this question as I have not reached a maturity to be able to say what kind of style I have. Only with work and time I will be able to understand in which direction I am going, but at the moment I can confirm that the style I am trying to pursue is inspired by a contemporary impressionism that tries to bring the subjects to a surreal dimension.

Which photographers have inspired you the most?

For my photographs I draw inspiration from the works of photographers I love such as Mario Testino, Hugo Comte, Steven Klein, David Lachapelle and I readjust them to my vision of the image and what I want to tell.

Which photo do you love most and why?

I don’t have a particular photo that I love more than another, because I live in images and every day a new love for a particular image is born.


How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

During the lockdown period, I “gave up” creativity and focused on myself and what I really want to do. I spent my days contracting with nature and thinking what images I want to make, so once the lockdown was over I was ready and started producing a series of works that led me to emerge until I got my first photographic campaign for a well-known Italian brand.

What’s in your future? Do you have a specific plan that you are determined to follow?

In my future there is only the awareness that I can achieve whatever I want only through work and sacrifice. Every day I try to raise my bar and bring it as high as possible, the road is long but like any great work it always starts with one step at a time.





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