How and when did you get interested in design? What is your first memory related to design and the desire to create?

I have always had an unconscious perception about the perception of spaces (excuse the repetition), since I was a child I have memories of environments in which I felt more comfortable and in addition my parents have always had a certain attention with respect to the decor of our home so since as a child my eyes have refined to a certain taste. As for when I started to get interested in design, let’s say from the last year of high school and obviously at university.

How would you define the style of your projects?

What I want to express with my style is respect for the fundamentals of architecture and classic design in a contemporary key. My focus is on the details and the dialogue between the materials that must have a harmonious but strong contrast, to convey the idea with two words: rough & smooth. Subtle details.

215 Sullivan Street Condominium
Recreational Room
New York 2020

When you work on a new project, where do you start from?

Sketching and continuous research. Then of course I move on to the creative and technical process.



What are your main references and where do you draw inspiration from?

Main references again: architecture and classic design, my all time favorites Carlo Scarpa, Gio Ponti, Italian and European Rationalism, Bauhaus, Axel Vervoordt, Joseph Dirand, Christo, Pierre Yovanovitch, Tadao Ando, Rothko, Caravaggio and many others but these may be enough .. 🙂

Japan not only for architecture. Nature for colors scheme.

Is there a project you have a particular memory of that you would like to tell?

There is no particular project because each project is particular in its own way. Does it make sense?!

Looking at your portfolio, which project are you most proud of and why?

All the projects make me proud, but if I have to say one in particular is Sola Pasta Bar because it was one of the first projects where I was really able to express myself and it marked an important start for my career.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I have just finished my first residential project in New York, 215 Sullivan Condominium, very satisfied with the result I am designing 3 locations for Song E Napule pizzeria nominated 3 times best pizza in America and Gambero Rosso I have just started a design hotel in Tulum and another residential project is coming up again in Tulum. My focus is hospitality, residential, retail and custom furniture design.

Professionally, what is your goal?

My goal and what I’ve been working on for a while is to have clients all over the world based in NY and obviously to be professionally respected and have fun because luckily my “job” is more of a passion.

All photos from Alessandro Pasquale Studio





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