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Interview with Debora Grossi, founder of Deawarehouse:

Hi, I’m Debora 27 years old and graduated in Interior Architecture. Currently Visual Store Designer in Golden Goose where between creativity and research I set up and dismantle the shops. Born and raised in the province of Cremona where between animal fields and healthy air I collected the values of simplicity. It is she who is my source of inspiration, the basis of every gesture and thought that cannot be lacking in careful attention to detail, which is essential for me to excite and to excite me.

I studied architecture and always said I don’t want to be an architect, absurd to say but this is the key to my life. Having goals to achieve but not living for them, living for the experiences that lead to that goal, these are what have always shown me that green is never just green, red is never just red…

I live for emotions and when I am captured by something that made me say WOW, for me at that moment the initial goal no longer exists. And it was exactly like this in my studies, year after year I realized that architecture is everything and nothing. It is knowing how to appreciate and see beauty in situations, objects, scenarios that know how to excite. Often even where man has left no trace.

When and how did you discover the passion for design? What is your first memory related to this art?

Since I was a child I have always been a creative mind. I was delighted to do and undo, to do the so-called “chores” of which I still keep the memory on the shelves of the house. Decoupage for example was one of the activities that I enjoyed the most.

I’ve always said, math and art are my favorite school subjects. Two opposite worlds, as I am black / white after all. Mathematics is not for everyone from a 4, studying, you can get to 6. Artistic is not for everyone, from a 4, studying, you CANNOT get to 6, it is a talent, a sensitivity that cannot be studied.


How was the DEAwarehouse project born and developed?

DEAwarehouse starts from my will to do, to create and to believe in something. I believe I am a daughter of dust and discovery. One of my greatest passions is to go in search of the most disparate places and find what lies behind them. Objects, memories, walls always have a lot to tell and I find in those that are the least visible, the most interesting to tell. From here I then started wandering in vintage markets, in abandoned places, in people’s homes (looking out the door) when I was traveling to uncommon countries in India, Thailand, Tokyo.

Of course, they didn’t always look at me with welcoming eyes but I was happy, I had to look inside. It is in these countries that I started collecting props and hence the idea of glasses, vases that have become the container of soy wax to which the scented essence gives delicacy and appeal. Because yes, in these places even the perfume remains imprinted. I have always appreciated strong, earthy, woody, and incensed scents. Those who send you a lot but don’t tell you who you are. So from the dream of making a perfume, I started with the candle.

Why did you decide to make soy candles?

Because I love natural “things”, excess kills me. And I don’t prefer the obvious, those containing paraffin would have given me the desired effect immediately. But I didn’t want to achieve that, I don’t want to have the result immediately. Being much more delicate and natural, soy releases effects and emotions over time.

What are your main references and where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from the things I like to observe while walking, I often choose to walk back from work because I feel I have to be nourished by something, that something that is the simple and only search for beauty from around the corner to the simple gesture of lifting your head to the sky.

Is there, or has been someone or something that has influenced your work?

She, my mom who left a few months ago was the determination, the strength that told me believe it. Keep it going. DEA was born as Design Experience Aesthetic and then I realized I was also Debora and Agnese (my mother).

Is there a creation you are particularly attached to?

Yes, to the first samples. I always fall in love with the first thing, the first gesture, the first photo taken. Only the most innocent, least studied and most authentic.

Describe your typical day, when you dedicate yourself to making candles.

I love the morning hours, even if I set the alarm I always manage to wake up 2 minutes earlier, never after 8.30. It has never happened to live a day without a goal, I’m not for TV and sofa, I like to move, do, discover. Rather randomly go out and walk. I dedicate the hours of candles in the evening because they are the only activity that manages to distract me from the thoughts of the day, from work.

Photo from Debora Grossi

What is your motto?

We fall in love with an imperfection.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Don’t care about others, I want to do it, I do it (Mom’s determination).

What do you think is the future of Italian craftsmanship?

It will be a rebirth. There is no future that can hold up without the solid roots of the past, roots made of simplicity, dedication and passion.

Projects for the future?

Traveling, gathering inputs and stimuli and sowing them for the birth of something beautiful.




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