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Studio Ø is a craft and design laboratory founded in 2017 by Beatrice and Elena, both trained at the University of Architecture of Cesena. Recently the staff has expanded by opening the doors to Francesca, a former fellow student who, in addition to helping us in the design and implementation, takes care of the social part.

After some experiences in architectural firms, we felt the need for a different approach to design. Hence the desire to shape a new environment tailored for us, where the work processes obey the natural times of the elements. In this place, feeling shifts from the ephemeral of digitization to the rediscovery of the tactile sense.

In the laboratory we personally deal with the design and creation of unique pieces where even imperfections become a characterizing element. The goal of the laboratory is to counter the fast economy by producing objects that last over time, choosing quality raw materials that characterize the final product in an unrepeatable way.


Where does the passion for design come from? What fascinates you about this world?

We all come from architecture studios and I believe that the passion for design is closely linked to this. The most famous architects were and still are great designers, think of Umberto Riva’s timeless objects or Gae Aulenti’s iconic objects. Creating a piece of design also means thinking about a space that welcomes it and imagining an atmosphere. In short, designing small-scale architecture.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere. In the works of the masters of design rather than in the strange shape of a cliff. Studying the curious shape of arachnids or architectures such as Perugini’s Experimental House, but also the traditional art of the cultures that have fascinated us. Everything is inspiration that stimulates the birth of an idea.


How do you start a project?

For us, design always follows two tracks that run parallel: on the one hand the choice of material and its possibilities, on the other the space for intuition, for the lightning ideas that that particular project gives us. The magic that takes shape every time an object is imagined has a very high potential and we like to take the right time to study “twists” and interesting details.

What project are you most proud of?

Surely our first project, the Table 001, born in our minds even before we knew how to pick up the torch of a welding machine. We had found some cherry wood planks and immediately recognized their great potential. Thus two twin tables were born, with rather strange shapes, I would dare to say alien. From that moment it was immediately love for the creative process and for the manual work part: smell the smell of cherry wood, participate in that alchemical process that is the welding of metals, assemble the parts until you touch the product with your hand. finished, always different from how it is initially imagined.


How would you describe your style?

We don’t like to define our work in a single style so as not to limit our design and always be free to experiment with what the material suggests. This is where the choice of the Aptang “Ø” symbol was born, the empty set, which symbolically encompasses all the infinite possibilities.

New projects or ideas you are working on?

We are approaching new materials that reflect the needs of this particular historical period. We would like to work with recycled plastics and materials that are even more sustainable in terms of environmental impact. Right from the start, we paid attention to the use of second-hand raw materials such as recycled wood but also marble recovered from production waste.

Where do you produce your pieces?

In a small workshop in the hills of Santarcangelo di Romagna. Even our workspace, like our projects, is always in flux and is transformed according to the suggestions of the moment.

What is the project that has revolutionized your view on design?

Our idea has been revolutionized by a modus operandi that goes back to the house-shop of the old artisans. Surely more than a project in itself, the collectives linked to the world of design that are emerging in recent years are inspiring. One of many is EGG COLLECTIVE, an all-female New York collective studio.






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