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When did you get interested in design?

We have always been attracted to matter and the shape of things. This has led us over time to approach the world of design in an almost natural way, albeit with different approaches and paths.

TIPSTUDIO | Ph. Credit: Nicolò Panzeri

Is there, or has there been, someone or something that has influenced your work?

The places we come from, Matera and Pietrasanta, continually influence our way of designing. On the one hand we are able to collect the intangible aspects of an ancient city, rich in history and folklore, on the other hand we immerse ourselves in a world full of art and sculpture that contaminate our works.

When you work on a project, what do you start from?

There is no real beginning. Often our projects are the synthesis of daily experiences, of confrontation, dialogue and mutual criticism. Ours is a method that is based on continuous research where a strong narrative component linked to the traditions, social and cultural aspects of a place is intertwined with a direct experience on matter and the sensations it creates with the person. Sometimes we get lost and it is precisely in those occasions that the most interesting projects are born.

What is the most important thing for you in your work?

Certainly being accomplices and determined. In addition to being partners, in life, we are a couple and this helps us to always face new challenges, putting passion and feeling into our work.

What is your favorite project to date and why?

Each developed project has anecdotes and stories that we often like to remember and tell and that make it unique. We are particularly fond of the Secondo Fuoco collection because it is the perfect synthesis between the figure of the designer and the craftsman, between the research of materials and tradition.


What is the element that determines the success of a project?

Storytelling, the use of materials and aesthetics are certainly three determining factors. To these is added the secret element, “the emotion” that each object must convey.

What do you think of the world of design today?

We live in an era in which everything is very hectic, relationships with people and things are elusive and the world is overloaded with useless objects that only contribute to creating “noise”. We think that design needs a slower, more thoughtful approach with particular attention to materials.

In your opinion, what is the future of design?

This pandemic period has made us realize how important the space we live and the objects we surround ourselves with are. We are moving more and more towards a world where man feels the need to experience emotions through unique objects. We imagine a design of the future linked to self-production made of objects in limited editions, from the most bizarre materials.

What advice would you give to a student eager to pursue your career?

Surely to persevere is a path that requires a lot of dedication. The best card is always to be yourself and not be influenced by fashions or styles that do not represent us.

Do you have any plans for the future?

In this period we are deepening our research on bronze and smelting slag that we have been carrying out for a year and a half. We have several self-produced collections in the pipeline to be created in collaboration with artisan companies, which have slowed down due to the pandemic, but we plan to develop them soon. In the summer we will be busy between Puglia and Basilicata for an artistic residency.







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