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Acidalatte is made up by Eva and Carolina. We both grew up in the provinces and attended high school, with its monotonous, technical and selective environments. Finally, then, our new life in Milan began: here NABA comes into play, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where we started studying Fashion Design, where we found ourselves, met and chosen. We had the same passion, the fashion world filtered by our eye and artistic spirit, perceived as a means of communication and expression of ourselves. Over the years our relationship has grown, strengthened and enriched with creative figures that unite us, to the point of making us two complementary people.

How and when did you get interested in fashion? What is your first memory related to fashion and the desire to create?

Sometimes we think we are in complete harmony, as if our past experiences have been synchronized: we both have the memory of searching for objects and clothes in the markets of our native cities or in the homes of our relatives. When we were brought into these environments, we both got lost in accumulating everything that was aesthetically beautiful for us. Some of these objects are embroidered in the garments of “Capitolo tre”.


How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?

A free artistic expression of colors combined with eccentric and “friendly” patterns.

What was the first garment you designed?

The very first item was our “Acidalatte Sock”. We wondered what was the garment that everyone could wear in their own way and to their liking and so, we started hand-drawing all the tights we had in our closet, creating the method by which our now iconic tights are produced.

What are your main references and where do you draw inspiration from?

Acidalatte draws inspiration from directors, musicians, singers, writers … creatives of all kinds, emerging and not, who populate our lives every day. For us it is a continuous research: to let ourselves be influenced and let those who choose Acidalatte allow themselves to be contaminated in turn. We want it to be a frenetic creative exchange, through possible collaborations ranging from a fashion garment to a piece of art, from an accessory to an illustration. Our goal is to create a personal aesthetic made of authentic communication, in which to show yourself for what you really are.

Describe your typical day, when you dedicate yourselves to fashion.

A simple day: we dedicate ourselves, independently of each other to our commitments, we go to the studio, we work listening to music, we draw, we laugh and talk, we talk and how much we talk … The end of the day arrives when we are tired but also very satisfied, with even more stimuli and desire to do. 

As designers, how would you define your role in society?

Like that of two girls, with authentic personalities, who feel the need to express their soul, with the dream of stimulating other people to do the same.

What’s your motto?

Be yourself, always <3

What is the best advice you have ever received?

We were still studying, and both of us were told that to create, you have to find out who you really are. And we assure you, it wasn’t easy at all, but when we were able to express ourselves, we finally felt ourselves.

What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

We do not feel part of the “fashion industry” in the true sense of the term, as our garments are unique pieces, made only by hand by ourselves. Interpreting your question, as creatives inserted in the fashion world, we can answer that we would like to eliminate the idea of “I buy it only because it is a trend”, giving more space to the idea of “I buy it because it will be mine and it will be unique”.

What’s in the future of your brand?

A small desire: to have our own space where we can exhibit our creations, to give space to creatives of all kinds with whom we already collaborate and to allow external people to enter our world and get to know it fully.





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