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My name is Carolina, I was born and raised in a town in the province of Milan. Always creative and art lover. After graduating in Economics, I decided to undertake a path totally different from my studies: I moved to Florence where I lived for eight years and I was able to immerse myself in the goldsmith world.

What is the origin of your passion and your brand?

I am fascinated by creation, transformation and evolution. I find the process that leads to the birth of anything done by hand magical and I felt the need to explore it. To this was added an expressive need that was channeled into the creation of jewelry. After some work experiences in the goldsmith’s field, the desire to insert something more personal in the pieces I made remained strong, so Apnea was born.

How would you define your style?

In general I don’t like definitions and I don’t think my style can have a clear one. I like colors but often also total black, eccentric accessories like the basic ones. I love oversized dresses, unkempt hair and bare feet especially when I work. I see style as a game that follows emotions, a bit like the creation of a piece of jewelry.

How much of your personal style is there in the brand?

Those who know me say that there is a lot of me in my pieces, for now I only see one facet, it is the first collection. The brand was born recently but surely in every future collection you will see other sides of my aesthetic, I started this project just to be able to express it.


Tell us about the choice of materials and your creative process.

In the first collection I used golden brass and pearls. I like the sheen and warmth of gold while pearls the delicacy, but always in contrast with modern shapes. The creative process is very personal, it moves along two parallel tracks: aesthetics on the one hand and the structure of the collection on the other. It is essential, in my opinion, that the jewels are original but also comfortable and wearable, I pay particular attention to volumes, shapes and weights. The aesthetic part, on the other hand, is more instinctive and always moved by emotions.

What inspires you?

First of all, art and design: I am struck by certain combinations of colors, textures and materials that coexist in the same object; I would very much like to be able to reproduce these mixes also in jewelry, distorting the classic vision a little. I am an observer for whom people also inspire me a lot, often those I don’t know but who catch my eye for a particular or a way of doing.

What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on ongoing pieces and a new collection. The latter will be different from the first: I would like to introduce other materials and more color. You will see another facet of me, perhaps the one a little more ironic and fun.

How important is Made in Italy for you?

It is very important, I make everything myself except for some stages of production that must necessarily be delegated to other artisans, the fact of relying on Italian goldsmiths gives me security and more value to the product.

How is the jewelry market evolving?

I think that the jewelry market is opening up towards more flexible products, which aim to satisfy the economic possibilities of more groups of consumers. High jewelery, seen both as an emotional purchase and as an investment, is now joined by sophisticated jewelery that follows the trends of the moment. There is more and more space for products that are a hybrid between classic jewels and designer, wearable and creative pieces.






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