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How and when did you get interested in fashion? What is your first memory related to fashion and to the desire to create?

In fact, I have always thought of my business as a design business. I have a degree as an interior designer and my experience in architectural studies has sharpened my design skills. Designing a design object is practically the same as designing a bathing suit: you do research, you have an idea, you make it yours through your aesthetic and functional vision and then you create the prototype, fix it, embellish it and voila! My first memory linked to fashion is therefore linked to design, to the furniture fairs, to the Venice biennials, fashion, art, design, architecture, design intertwine to give voice to something we have inside. I understood that this world is part of me because it makes my light alive, the desire to create is linked to this, I don’t remember exactly when but I know that Blondie helped me understand that this was what I wanted to do.

How was your Blondie brand born?

I live in a beautiful city overlooking the Adriatic Sea. The beach, the sea, an aperitif at sunset have always been part of my summers. I started as a hobby to buy some Lycra fabrics and design models together with a lady pattern maker I knew and then I showed them to my friends, my first customers, who liked them a lot and who convinced me to take this path.


What makes Blondie garments instantly recognizable?

I believe it is the research into inserting something particular and at the same time elegant and simple into the design of the costume. Fit is another point that sets Blondie apart.

How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?

Minimal, sophisticated and elegant.

What was the first model you designed?

I remember my first collection, when Blondie wasn’t Blondie yet, I had designed 3 models who were called, Drew, Scarlett and Anne. One was high-necked with adjustable suspenders and slip with laces, the fabric I had found was striped and alternated a black line with a transparent one, as the lining I had used a flesh-colored lycra so that it did not show the skin but allowed the transparency of being such.

What are the designers you admire most?

Mara Hoffman was undoubtedly my first love, both for her colorful and imaginative collections, and as a woman. Sunnei, Gimaguas and Paloma Wool, the brands that I follow and that inspire me now.

When you work on a new collection, where do you start from?

I often start with a search, on instagram except for everything that inspires me, colors, designs, models. Other times I start with my ideas, the ones that come to me looking around, when I’m on the beach, when I’m traveling.

What are your main references and where do you draw inspiration from?

The “Kosmos” collection that I designed for this year was inspired, like no other collection, by this sense of belonging to our land, as a community, as citizens of the world. I also draw inspiration from what I want to say, what I want to communicate. I believe that an object can acquire value if it is designed with an ethical conscience.

What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

The too fast, the constant chasing time by producing excessively and quickly because there is an increasingly incessant demand. More than changing the fashion industry, I would like us to change. This system is no longer capable of sustaining our lives in a healthy and resource-friendly way, because we ask too much. Because we are no longer used to making sacrifices or giving up on something. We must be the change and adapt to the future, otherwise we will succumb.

What’s in the future of your brand?

We certainly aspire to grow, as a brand and as a clientele, while always remaining consistent with our principles. We will continue to use recycled fabrics, to produce in an artisanal way and to communicate a world where we want to be happy to live. The latter could be a utopia .. but who knows!





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