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Ginevra and Ludovica talk about their brand:

How was your passion born?

Our passion certainly comes from our mother, who has always been a fan of fashion icons like Yves Saint Laurent. From an early age, we enjoyed creating skirts and dresses with crepe paper, until one day, we decided to make them as a profession, no longer just for fun. We were born in Florence, and this certainly was a fundamental element for us, one that unconsciously embedded an appreciation of beauty, details, craftsmanship, an eternal heritage.

Three words to describe your creations.

Our motto from day one, has been: Timeless, Charming, Feminine.

Image from Caftanii

How do you define the aesthetics of your creations?

Effortless, casual. It is essential that the woman wearing Caftanii feels fully at ease. Above all, our clothes are designed to enhance every body type in a soft and effortless way.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Fabrics are the first to speak to us. Everything comes from them in a very natural way. We always start with natural colors, such as white and ecru for the summer, and greens, browns and beiges for autumn / winter.

Image from Caftanii

Your style icon?

Ludovica: every woman who has made it in life. Gabrielle Chanel and Miuccia Prada above all. Today I love Charlotte Casiraghi very much: elegant, discreet, charming.

Ginevra: My mom. Essential and sophisticated.

What do you like most about your job?

The energy every time we create a new piece of clothing, we work on a new collection. It is like daydreaming.

What message do you want to give with your creations? What story do you want to tell with your clothes?

We try to give value to clothes. Because they are designed to last a long time, to always accompany you, to be the perfect passpartout to put in every suitcase. We try to bring the dress back to a human dimension; the purchase cannot be reduced to a consumer item, but rather as an investment in a piece that will last forever. A white linen caftan can accompany you forever.

How do you see your future?

We hope that our philosophy will be understood more and more and obviously we hope that our project can offer more and more beautiful surprises!




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