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Federica Tiranti and Chiara Marconi, both of us come from totally different paths and which had nothing to do with fashion. One graduated in Pharmacy who lived in Paris and the other in diplomatic studies at the Normale di Pisa who lived in Rio de Janeiro. Both ski instructors which was the catalyst for our friendship. We are two completely different women from every point of view but with two characteristics in common: the desire to do things and the perseverance to be able to reach our goals.

What is the origin of your passion and how was your brand born?

Chitè was born during a Parisian weekend in which we found ourselves talking about the figure of the woman and how much she has changed in recent decades. Our idea of a woman is independent and dynamic and there was something missing from the intimate scene that represented this evolution. The underwear is the first one you wear in the morning and the last one you take off in the evening, it is a second skin that must make you feel unique: this was the spark from which Chitè was born, we wanted to create a brand that had the Made in Italy quality at an affordable price that was different from a stylistic point of view.


How would you define your creations in three words?

They are high quality, different and iconic.

When working on a project, where do you start?

We think first of all about the woman who will wear the garment and how we want her to feel. We start with the choice of fabrics, in fact the fabric of a garment is of fundamental importance especially in the underwear. The sensation that leaves you in contact with the skin is an emotion, and must be experienced as such. Then there is the whole modeling part so that that suit is not only a second skin but also makes the woman wearing it feel good.

And what inspires you?

There are so many forms of inspiration. Creativity needs to be constantly nurtured to avoid standing still. The sources can be many, the historical moment in which we live, the people around us and travels. We are both extremely curious people, we love to continuously learn and meet new places and interesting people. Finally, women…the female figure itself is art and is extremely fascinating.


Who is your ideal customer?

A woman who loves herself and for whom the most important thing is to like herself starting from intimacy.

How important is Made in Italy for you?

Made in Italy is the heart of Chitè.

We went back to Italy to start this project not only because we are Italian but because we strongly believe in the value of Italian artisans. It is they who have ensured that Italy was known worldwide for the quality of the garments. Their work is truly precious and must be preserved, unfortunately very few young people are currently interested in this type of profession and it is really a shame because one of the most precious assets of Italy is being lost.Thanks to them, we have been able to develop the platform of total customization of the garment. Having the production in Italy allows us to deliver to the customer a tailor-made garment in 15 days that arrives directly to the customer’s home from our seamstresses.

What has the pandemic taught you? How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

The moment we are living is almost surreal, we found ourselves facing a situation that we could not even remotely imagine and each of us in one way or another was forced to stop. The world has stopped.

The lockdown led us to reflect and taught us that nothing is taken for granted and that every day must be lived and loved. On a creative level, it was absolutely not easy: closed at home the stimuli decrease drastically and you have to be good at finding them internally.






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