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I am Vincenzo, founder and general manager of the brand, from a small town in Calabria I move to Naples to complete my studies in law, the area was very alive in fashion, especially in the production of clothing so I decide to launch the brand almost for fun, I take care of the management and strategy of the brand at 360 degrees while my designer Mario Fantuz, with decades of experience in several important Italian fashion houses, is an active part of the style department.

What is the origin of your passion?

I was born in a small Calabrian village, social networks did not yet exist and in my part there was practically no fashion, so I develop my passion for fashion because I was lucky enough to travel a lot and discover various styles and trends, so I start what would be called today “influencer” that is I bring innovative clothes to my country that were not found, I passed for the most over the top and I received interest in my clothing so I start to create a small sale between private individuals of garments that were not in Calabria but only in big cities.

How would you define your creations in three words?

Quality / Accessibility / Research


When working on a project, where do you start?

It all starts with the research of trends, and then puts them into action through the research of fabrics, colors, patterns, prints, accessories, taking the essential principle of quality as a basis.

And what inspires you?

Our inspirations are very transversal, I renamed the brand “streetwear with an underground soul” we are born and develop in the underground nightlife and then associate it with a principle of comfort and elasticity typical of streetwear in shapes and colors, it is the fusion of different subcultures that are expressed in music, in art, in lifestyle.

Who is your ideal customer?

Surely we are talking to a young audience but not too much, the ideal customer is a customer who is attentive to what happens in the fashion system but who is looking for something that reflects those trends but accessible to most people, who is looking for a garment that is exclusive both for the life of every day rather than for a party or a presentation, in short, we speak to an audience that likes to identify with.

How important is Made in Italy and tailoring to you?

Made in Italy is a fundamental part of all our projects, I personally follow all the development of the supply chain both for my brand and for various third party productions through my production partners.


How much of your personal style is there in the brand?

Our style is identification by the final consumer, as I said, it is born and develops from the set of different subcultures, I would define social, therefore all our creations pass through the filter of my taste without being too conditioned, I do not want to create many of me, I want to leave space on the subjective interpretation of my audience.

How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

The lockdown was a very important way to stop and reflect on the principle of accessibility and sustainability, especially the latter had been lost from the fashion system and we have seen that the world can no longer afford to follow certain dynamics of macro consumption.

What is in the future of CULPA?

Therefore we decided to abandon the planned path, which we had always followed up to now, CULPA has in fact participated in 5 editions of Milan Fashion Week, 3 of Paris Fashion Week and in a trade show in Shanghai, collecting over 30 retailers in the world, for example today we satisfy our retailers through a new strategy of small periodic drops to churn out medium quantities of product at a much more regular pace so as to always give consumers a wide choice without overloading the market and their own stocks, certainly an important next step will be to boost ecommerce and direct b2b sales.







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