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I’m Davorin Cordone, a 26-year-old couturier from Palermo. I was born in the Sicilian capital, Palermo, a city full of art and history. I attended a high school of art, as I have always been passionate about drawing and painting, then I continued my studies in the field of fashion. I started working for a company as a stylist and graphic designer, until I received the proposal to make tailor-made garments for a boutique in Rome where I was discovered by a talent scout who helped me launch my brand through Alta Roma in 2018.

How and when did you get interested in fashion? What is your first memory related to fashion and the desire to create?

Since I was a child I have always been attracted to aesthetics, to everything related to beauty and fashion. I spent years watching my mother get ready, put on her makeup, do her hair, there I felt a tingle whispering to me “what if this skirt were like that? What if these shoes had this? ”. From there I began to experiment with doll clothes, until I actually put on paper what my mind proposed to me.


How was your brand born?

My brand was born from the desire to communicate my stylistic identity, while doing other jobs in the fashion field I have always tried to create the image of someone who makes clothes. The real brand was born through Alta Roma, where I finally decided to bet everything on this project.

What is fashion for you?

Fashion is the channel that allows me to express my art, through which I can give life to my vision.

I don’t think of fashion as a trend, but as a non-verbal language. Clothing allows us to communicate our personality, our individuality, it allows us to send messages as if it were our business card. It has the ability to make us feel good, beautiful, precious, self-confident; sometimes wearing a piece of clothing can be an armor to face the world around us.

What was the first garment you designed?

My first garments were the “Davorin Cordone” version of the dresses I saw in movies, video clips, on red carpets. It helped me to understand how far we could go with fashion, trespassing beyond the clothes I saw every day.

How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?

Definitely with a strong impact, for me it is very important to create clothes that do not go unnoticed. I particularly focus on absolutely handmade delicate details, on visually powerful silhouettes.

When you work on a new collection, where do you start from?

My starting point is always the final sensation that I want to communicate through the clothes. The end is my beginning, where this journey begins to discover what this feeling communicates to me. I start doing research of all kinds, until I can put all the pieces together and make concrete what is not. Then the choice of fabrics and applications that make my idea material. I really like to experiment and try on many things before making a finished dress.

What are your main references and where do you draw inspiration from?

My biggest inspiration comes mainly from the great women in power of history as queens and empresses. Strong, unique women inspire me a lot, Women who are not afraid to dare, to live their femininity, they are the kind of woman I imagine when I create a dress. Art and architecture play their big part in terms of silhouette and structure, allowing me to experiment in various ways. Last but not least, the floral world dominates; flowers are the jewel of nature, I try to recreate that beauty through my clothes to make them catwalk jewels.

What aspects of the fashion industry would you like to change?

Certainly the speed, given by the continuous demand, of fast fashion. Unfortunately, nowadays there is an increasing demand for news, companies are creating collections more and more often and this leads to a lot of waste of clothes and materials.

What’s in the future of your brand?

I have many projects in mind, I always keep creating new goals to reach and I try to never remain static. Definitely at the moment I’m focusing a lot on the visibility of the brand through magazines, events, carpets and the press, but my goal is to be able to create a brand that is a cornerstone of Italian fashion, of handmade Made in Italy.



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