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I am a person curious about life, an entrepreneur by nature, creative and romantic. I love to experiment, nature is what inspires me most and fills my eyes and heart. Since I was a child I have been stimulated to art, to travel, to discover cultures and countries. I admire those who have a passion and make their life out of it, while I jump in the different experiences because I want to discover others right away.

I worked for many years in the fashion industry which led me to live in Paris and then in Brussels. Living abroad, however, has been a will since I was 11, when I went to Paris for the first time, then to London. Cities that I loved immediately and in which I had promised myself to return to live there. At the age of twenty I went to London to study, then to Germany, to return to Italy and leave later to work for the French-speaking countries.

In 2008 I met POL, my partner, and in 2011 our daughter Agatha was born, two dates that mark my life, a change driven by the love that was leading me to new experiences that would have upset my life. From Corporate Business executive to Creative Director of a Start-up.

What is the origin of your passion for perfumes?

I have always loved perfumes, especially in the 1980s they had become more than a dress, a strong identity with which to integrate. It was the era of paninari in Italy, I was in high school, the look was made of Timberland, Monclear, Armani jeans, Best Company sweatshirt and perfume, lots of perfume like Loulou, Angel, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Poison …. These were the perfumes that I put in those years. Then in 2000 the “niche” began to develop, traveling the world I met Diptyque and Comme de Garçon, I loved oriental notes, the search for raw materials, particular bouquets, not obvious or already felt.

How was your brand born?

I am very fascinated by those who dedicate their life to a passion, who takes the time to dedicate time to something they love. Above all, I am fascinated by the artist, the craftsman, the Master who creates wonderful works that open the heart, which remain over time. In a world of serial production, the desire to share an important message arises in me. A message full of values linked to human expression, to its creativity, to slow down to do less but do it well, to create something that makes sense as well as being a simple object, something that shares a mission.

In 2014, one year after returning from Belgium, I met a perfumer and got to know the world of perfume creation more closely by visiting his atelier. In April 2014, returning home, I realized that the perfume would help me to tell my thoughts, to spread my mission. So in 2015 I decided to found EXTRAIT D’ATELIER, an olfactory journey with the aim of bringing people closer to crafts, to wear the essence of savoir-faire.

How would you define your perfumes in three words?

True, unique, important.

How is an EXTRAIT D’ATELIER perfume born?

Born from the atelier. Each fragrance comes from the real space where the Master Craftsman customizes the material. The perfumer must not create on the basis of his idea of an Atelier, but translate the Atelier. What matters to me is the ability to tell the story because the olfactory notes used help to see what a Master does while working in his alchemical space.

A space made of silences, noises, scents, light, people, work. The collection today offers 5 Eau de Parfum that tell 5 different Masters: Maître Couturier, Maître Chaussuer, Maître Joaillier, Maître Céramiste, Maître Jardinier.

And what inspires you?

The space, its interaction with the person, things and much what arouses in those who experience the final work, whether it be a dress, a sculpture, a pair of beautiful shoes, an imperial labyrinth, a diamond ring.

Do you have your favorite EXTRAIT D’ATELIER fragrance?

I personally use Maître Couturier Parfum, the Tailor. An elegant and timeless fragrance. Sophisticated but decisive without being intrusive.

What has the pandemic taught you? How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

The pandemic is certainly not an easy time for humanity. We risk our lives and many other things that this virus impacts in everyday life. At the same time it is for me a moment of beautiful challenge where man with his creativity and genius can rewrite part of the processes, of our way of life in the world. Since it arrived, I believe even more in the mission of EXTRAIT D’ATELIER, of its not being just a perfume, but a real vehicle to involve in a deeper thought, to bring attention back to creativity, interaction, genius , romance, passion that only man can have. I have a lot of positive energy inside because the movement of Chaos is what gives more ingredients to create something even bigger and stronger. We will all learn from this pandemic, but above all we will understand how our creativity will always make us free because we are open to change, to innovation.

PHOTO FROM EXTRAIT D’ATELIER | Maître Couturier Parfum




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