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Federica Tosi talks about her brand:

How was your brand born?

The year 2016 was the turning point for my brand. Until that moment, there had only been the jewelry project, but I then realized that I could and wanted to do even more. And after the jewelry, through the partnership with a production company, I also launched a clothing line. It is an international project which, in combination with the fashion jewelry, is distributed in foreign markets. dresses a woman with a strong personality and attentive to contemporary style. The Federica Tosi brand was born.

How do you define the aesthetics of your collections?

A contemporary aesthetic, attentive to refined details and the quality of raw materials, characterized by particular cuts and unexpected volumes. The feeling is urban, modern, elegant and sensual.

What are your inspirations in life?

I am inspired by everything that surrounds me, by the aesthetics of contemporaneity. It may be a woman I met on the street, a particular piece of architecture that strikes me, a color that I see while walking.

Tell us about the creative process behind your latest collection.

The latest collection, the SS21, was prepared during the lockdown. I had to change the way I work, primarily by working remotely with my team. The historical moment also incentivized me to concentrate the collection and give value to it. To date I am very satisfied with the result!

What is the piece of the collection that best represents your vision of the brand?

There are more than one, namely the passe-partout pieces that are suitable for any occasion of the day, those that make up the DNA of my brand and on which I will focus more and more within my collections; from the chemisier to the t-shirt pad, from the sweaters with particular sleeves to the tailored jackets.

 What message do you want to give with your creations? What story do you want to tell with your jewelry and clothes?

I want to talk and tell about a contemporary woman who lives many lives, many commitments and many roles in one day. A dynamic woman who seeks style and elegance but also wearability and portability, who loves her work but also free time for herself and her passions. Above all a tenacious woman, who does not give up in the face of any obstacle and any challenge.

 How do you see your future?

I always see myself as active and busy as I am today and even more so. My dream and my daily mission are to create a recognizable and lasting brand, founded on solid and concrete values ​​and maybe, who knows, in 10 years I will be joined by a younger team, maybe my daughters who are growing up and they could join the company with me.

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