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Gala Rotelli presents her brand:

How was your jewelry and accessories brand born?

I have always loved to draw, to tell small stories, dreams and convey emotions through my drawings. These stories then became three-dimensional objects.

Could you explain your project and the meaning of “Poetic Design”?

The basic idea is that poetry, a story, a dream or an emotion can also become a form. My project aims at the empowerment of the individual, at strengthening the identity of the person through highlighting one’s uniqueness and the fragility of beauty. Details that make you unique. The tools I use to do this work are slow design, conscious design, made in Italy, without overproduction and with particular attention to the connection with artisan producers. They are also details that tell stories and become symbols.

Gala Rotelli photographed by Filippo Cavalli

How do you define the aesthetics of your creations?

I believe these are timeless pieces linked to traditional manufacturing but with some contemporary characteristics. I hope they can have a mild aesthetic, that you remember that moment when you close the windows in the evening and you realize that the moon shines and everything lights up and you are surprised.

What are your inspirations in life?

Certainly art, design and architecture, which I have studied but also the great women of the past and present, from Fernanda Pivano to Cini Boeri up to India Mahdavi. So much, then, children inspire me with their points of view so direct, so unusual and sincere.

Photo by Greta Casagrande

Tell us about the creative process behind your latest collection.

The process is always the same: I think about what I want to say and turn it into a hand sketch, which then becomes a render that I discuss with the skilled craftsman of that material (working with different materials I have various collaborators). In this case, a theme that particularly interested me at the moment is that of DNA, which makes each individual unique and unrepeatable. I summarized its shape to a minimum to create earrings that were circles with a contemporary twist.

What is the piece of jewelry in the collection that best represents your vision of the brand?

I think the DNA collection represents me well: it has the sweetness of natural shapes but geometric and worked textures.

Photo by Greta Casagrande

What makes a piece of jewelry extraordinary?

I believe that the symbol that can be attributed to it, the emotional value.

What do you like most about your job?

Undoubtedly the creative and productive component, the moment at which I design an idea and then see it realized. One thing I also love is also being able to interpret the identity of another brand through my objects, as I did for Acqua di Parma last year.

What does designing mean for you?

Being able to combine creativity with practicality, ethics and aesthetics, narration and form.

Photo by Greta Casagrande

What message do you want to give with your creations? What story do you want to tell with your jewelry?

A story of uniqueness: everyone must be proud of their identity and start from there to become stronger, but also a story of poetry and beauty.

How do you see your future?

You know I express myself well with pieces of jewelry because they are microworlds: miniatures in which you can give shape to thoughts. At the same time, more and more often, I feel the desire and the need to express myself with different materials such as glass, ceramic, paper, not only by creating objects but real projects and installations for other brands and organizations. My job is a research and partly a solitary work but I think that in this moment it is increasingly necessary to network, create collaborations, exchange ideas. So I hope to be able to continue meeting the right interlocutors on my way to create synergies.






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