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I am Gioacchino Gentile, I am twenty-three years old and I am an Italian fashion designer. I was born in Puglia (southern Italy) but I have been living for four years in Milan, which is the Italian fashion capital. Very recently, I gave life to my brand “GENTILE COUTURE”, in which I will tell my aesthetics at 360 degrees.

Gioacchino Gentile

When did you get interested in fashion? What fascinates you about this world?

When I was 4, I created clothes out of newspapers for myself, with the help of my grandfather, who patiently helped me with the adhesive tape. When I was 6, I decided that I wanted to be a stylist – and I haven’t changed my mind since. I have always felt an attraction for beauty, for the language of the female body. In fashion, I found a language that I could express myself with, in ways that I couldn’t with words.

How do you define the aesthetics of your clothes?

My aesthetic is the result of years spent at home with my grandparents, looking at old family photographs and watching old movies. My icons are women of other times, mainly Italian and French singers and actresses. My muse par excellence remains, however, my grandmother Santa, to whom my first “Nostalgia Italiana” collection is dedicated. I narrate a romantic and retro world in which the influences of grunge, kitsch and pop alternate.

Image from Gentile Couture

How are your ideas born?

The ideas for my collections come from my everyday life. I am constantly looking for beautiful things, in any field. Mostly help me music and cinema: from a song or a film the idea of ​​an attitude, a color, a silhouette is born, which then becomes the central element of my work. I often find myself integrating these elements into my daily life, so I feel the need to tell about myself, to tell about the strange world that is in my head and the stories that I like to settle there.

Three words to describe your creations.

Seductive – Bourgeoisie – Nostalgic

Image from Gentile Couture

New projects or ideas you are working on?

My latest collection “LA BAMBOLA” has just come out and opens the doors to my new “sustainable couture” project. Unique items made with recycled materials: leftovers, scraps, fabrics recovered from vintage garments. It was an idea that had been around for a long time in my head and that I finally found the courage to implement it.

What will your next collection look like?

My next collection will present a sharper woman, more grunge but still romantic.

What do you think of the Italian sartorial tradition?

Italy boasts a sartorial tradition that is the envy of the whole world. Above all we Italian designers are very lucky because we have a unique fashion background: Valentino Garavani, the sisters Fontana, Pierre Cardin, Gianfranco Ferrè, Giorgio Armani … eternal icons!

 What message do you want to give with your creations? What story do you want to tell with your clothes? 

The message I would like to be read from my creations is “be yourself without limits”. I want to tell stories of different women, women who dress to please themselves, to portray their femininity without filters.




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