How was your passion for fashion born?

It was born as a result of aesthetic research able to read the contemporary quickly and immediately. Everything that is aligned hides something fleeting; it is necessary to be free from oneself in order to be able to anchor oneself to one’s visions; to feel a sense of freedom.

Have you always dreamed of becoming a designer?

I have always wanted to code a language that could adhere to my thoughts. I wanted to read the contemporary with a personal vocabulary. I insert my woman in this whole contemplative process, bearing witness to it for a ‘minor’ aesthetic, but very necessary for the gaze of my reflections. Fashion was the almost natural landing of this desire of mine.


How would you define your style?

The brand talks about everything I would like to explore with the language of fashion, an essential language and, from my point of view, necessarily contemporary. Mine is primarily an exercise of sign that wants to become recognizable. I am interested in probing corners and places of our culture by establishing continuous dialogues with what surrounds me; a living to do as a synthesis between reason and feeling.

What was the first garment you designed?

I don’t have a memory of a specific item, but each collection represents a new beginning for me, an opportunity to add a piece to a mosaic. I think as a whole and never unambiguously on the head precisely because I am interested in the story and not the single word.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Contamination leads to observing things from different angles, in order not to fall into the obvious and therefore into repetition. The most complicated aspect is to create while remaining adherent to one’s own identity. It is a way to be as present to myself as possible and challenge my biggest nightmare, homologation. Of the artists I admire the obsession with something; a gesture, a form, repeated over time, become the meaning of a life. In general, the infinite possibilities of thought.

When you work on a project, where do you start from?

In the creation of my garments there is always the material aspect, I am talking about fabrics and finishes that can give them a new substance. My method is to fix ideas with notes, drawings, and then return to them and develop forms that respect the various essences. You can ignore everything but not ideas, not thinking.


How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

The vulnerability experienced in recent months has put us close to our limits. All this has put our backs to the wall but at the same time has given us a huge opportunity. I started the study of my latest SS21 collection from Malevič’s black square moving through the essence of white to be understood not only as a new beginning, but above all as the color of mysticism.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am working on my FW21 collection project in the awareness of the delicate moment we are going through. Today fashion not only can, but must look to art; it must do so as an exchange necessary for the reading, understanding and writing of the contemporary. Step outside the frame and develop a concept. It is a civil act to fill the present which, although complex, is the only moment I want to refer to. For me this means intercepting the trajectory of history.

How important is Made in Italy for you?

For me it is essential to surround me with stories and knowledge that often come from the past. This is not nostalgia but a huge opportunity to be able to combine creativity and quality by leveraging the handcrafted fabric, often handed down from generation to generation of our country.






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