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I am Jessica D’Urso, a young Sicilian stylist living in Milan. I love to create and I am fascinated by everything related to the world of fashion, art, photography and history.

After graduating as a “Fashion Designer” I had different job experiences in the sector such as: Fashion Stylist, Showroom Assistant, 3D Fashion Designer etc. in various Italian companies. I traveled often for these jobs.

But despite everything, my goal has always been to have my own brand where I can express myself through my creations. In 2019, thanks to the help of my partner Alberto, our company was born: JAYJES (www.jay-jes.com).

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Jessica D’Urso

Jayjes is not just a brand, but a lifestyle, a way of expressing oneself … its true mission is to bring out the true beauty (even interior) of every woman, with creations that convey ease, elegance, certainty, sensuality and self-control, which is everything every woman should show.

Each creation begins with careful research of trends and materials, and then moves on to sketches, the modeling study and other components. Everything is done with the aim of offering the customer a quality product. A mix & match style with clean and minimal cuts, and draped shoulder pads. I call this all “New vintage,” the real Jayjes contrast! Each product is entirely made in Italy, and the 100% MADE IN ITALY label is a source of pride for us!


The name of the brand comes from a pun of my name Jay (for J my initial) and Jes (for Jessica), Made with Sicilian love, as I really want to emphasize my origins, the love for my land and the strong sense of Mediterranean femininity.

When did you start taking an interest in fashion? What fascinates you about this world?

I had a true passion for the world of fashion since I was a child when I started creating dresses for my dolls, only to know that when I grew up I wanted to be a stylist, in fact, as I grew up I read books on fashion costumes, magazines, watched fashion shows and drew many sketches. The creative aspect of this sector fascinates me a lot, as from a simple fabric you can give life to real garments, which we then use as a means to communicate ourselves, the one that most represents us, satisfies us, but also the fashion represented through photography, I would spend whole days looking at photos, editorials, various shootings, etc.

How do you define the aesthetics of your swimsuits?

I define the aesthetics of my swimsuits as Minimal Chic, because they are creations with geometric cuts, basic, but at the same time refined and elegant.

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Image from Jayjes

Your style icon?

My style icon has always been Elsa Schiaparelli, since I believe that much of everything we find today in the fashion sector, we also owe it to all the stylists who have cleared customs certain ways of clothing long ago, to dare, to rebel against the rules etc. But she in particular has always fascinated me, not to mention the shocking pink, I love it !! Despite everything, to return to the present day, one woman I love to follow is undoubtedly: Alexa Chung.

Three words to describe your creations.

Feminine, elegant and sensual.

New projects or ideas you are working on?

I certainly have many projects in mind, I am a very dynamic and creative person who never stops! I certainly hope that the Jayjes collections can extend more and more also with products and maybe who knows, also include clothing. At the moment I am working on the new SS21 swimsuits capsule collection, which I hope to show you soon! The current health situation that has hit the world has slowed everything down, but I am positive and I want to believe in a rebirth for everyone, especially for us young people!

Your relationship with social media? How do they affect your work?

Social media today is an important means to be able to communicate faster and allows you to obtain 360 ° visibility. When I created Jayjes, one of my main goals has always been to channel almost everything on the online shop (www.jay-jes.com), so it is important for me to have a good relationship with digital platforms, as they allow me to also see what the customer asks, what they appreciate, what they don’t like, what are the current trends and much more. But despite this, they have little influence on me because I think I want to communicate who I am and my creations, so those who follow Jayjes are because they love this style, I will always try to represent myself, as I think it pays more!

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Image from Jayjes








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