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Viviana and Serena present their brand:

We have known each other for 35 years, practically all our lives! We attended kindergarten, the same elementary school and even middle school … then lived together during university and shared experiences (concerts, cinema, holidays). We are “family”! A centuries-old friendship that only lacked work experience.

How was your passion for fashion born?

Serena has always had a passion and curiosity for fashion! She knows materials, the history of ideas and changes .. it’s like having a historical memory next to you! Whenever we talk about someone or something, she always manages to amaze me.

What was the first shoe you designed together?

Our project, the T-BAR model, was born by chance, one evening during a dinner. We talked about things that we like and that we struggled to find around the shops, with a model and a quality that respected our ideas and our choices. While we were chatting, Serena drew a shoe on the napkin … very close to the one we then made … and so, with a few numbers and a wealth of ideas and sensations, we launched ourselves! We decided to get passionate about this world, made up of craftsmanship – of Italian productions and stories, and we found the right people to make our first models with.


How would you define your brand in three words?

Sincere; what we try to achieve are the expectations that customers have when they see our photos. Nothing more, nothing less. We work to ensure that everything is in place, is right, and as it should be.

Timeless; today and tomorrow. Do you want? Wear it. A second shoe on your wedding day (or the first), to pack for a trip, to give to a friend.

Curated; in comfort, in design, in materials, in details. We are so obsessed with them that at the moment we have dedicated space to just three models to be sure we have made them excellent … And with the same dedication we are preparing others 😉

What are your main references and inspirations?

Our aspiration is to produce shoes that have clean, essential lines … but that are recognized by the choice of colors and details for the care and attention we dedicate. We deeply believe in collaboration between Italian companies because here, in our country, we have always found constructive dialogue and exchange of value. It is the desire to continue to consolidate these relationships that leads us to believe that we can do it again, with new projects and innovations.


How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

More than on a creative level, the lockdown has given us incentives for a communicative approach. Being an “online” brand, we have always lacked true contact with our customers and during the isolation we felt the urgency and the need to feel among them, to “get out” somehow from the walls of the house and create a wave that made us feel all together anyway. So we launched the #acasaconlababette initiative! It was a lot of fun for us too, putting ourselves there to think and take some shots and see the customers do the same thing. There was a lot of enthusiasm … very nice.

New projects or ideas you are working on?

We have always taken one step at a time to make sure we do everything right … the dream is to be able to have a collection and it is for this project that we are working on the news 😉

How important is Made in Italy for you?

We would never have been able to create our brand without the support and advice but above all the experience of the artisans who work alongside us. The history of made in Italy and the footwear industry is the essence of tradition, of those trades that still have some secrets to keep in the drawer and to be revealed only at the right time. La Babette is a team of people who often get lost in touching the raw material and breathing in its scent; artisanal production is also this. Few steps but “slow” times that allow to create a product suitable to last over time.






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