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How and when did you get interested in jewelry making?

The first seed was planted by my mother since I was very small. I must say that my mother is a great lover of jewels and watches, a collector and I think this has influenced me a lot in my choice even if I then deepened in fashion in general.

What is your first memory related to the desire to create?

My love for creating was born from an early age, with a natural predisposition for drawing, and a marked sensitivity for colors. Over time I became interested in art and fashion, at 18 I moved to London savoring the cosmopolitan culture and becoming more and more interested in fashion I decided to take a course for Visual Merchandiser at London College of Fashion and then immerse myself in different creative fields as a buyer and visual merchandiser up to designing accessories and custom made clothing for artists in the music scene. It can be said that creativity is an integral part of my life, I apply it to everything I do from my work, to the house, the kitchen and my children, I think it is an innate gift that I treasure a lot, a bit of an elixir of youth for the mind.

Portrait of ELISA CIOLLI

How was your Liase brand born?

Liase was born in 2016 as an independent brand. After many years as a buyer for important fashion stores in Europe and Visual Merchandiser in Germany for Gucci, I decided to take a gap year traveling with my partner in search of new inspirations, I started designing costumes and accessories for shows until I didn’t focus on jewels, developing a real collection, Sacred Whisper. My line has evolved over time a bit like me, the lines and colors have changed and it has been enriched to become what it is today. From this SS21 season we have also launched a new project, a line of bags. Just like for jewelry, production takes place exclusively with local artisans, promoting research and sustainability.

What makes Liase jewelry immediately recognizable? The color? The geometry?

The details, the mix of enamels and colored stones fused with intricate geometries.

Which accessory are you most attached to?

The set of rings that I wear every day for many years each with a special meaning and given by the most important people in my life and they are: my engagement ring, an antique ring from my grandmother to which I was and am very attached and the others two are gifts from my mom for special occasions, my eighteenth and the birth of my first daughter Freya.

How would you describe the aesthetics of your brand?

Edgy and elegant, rich in details and with a strong DNA.

What was the first piece of jewelry you designed?

I would use the plural, the first jewels I designed were silver necklaces with pendants that enclosed a pyrite heart. They are quite important pieces, sculptural I would say, inspired by the cosmos and mystical magic, which I had conceived for the tour of the band Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons in 2016 or so.

Which jewelry designers do you admire most?

All those designers who maintain a strong DNA and do not follow a particular trend, who work with local artisans trying to be as eco-sustainable as possible. My absolute favorite is Fernando Jorge, I find it refined, elegant and at the same time innovative.

What techniques do you use most in the making process?

For more complicated and detailed objects I tend to use rapid prototyping. Otherwise the lost wax technique, especially for unique and custom made pieces, which gives the jewel more uniqueness and craftsmanship.


What are your main references and where do you draw inspiration from?

Art and Nature, both rich in beauty and depth and closely connected to each other. I find that Nature is a superior form of Art. My family and I live in Tuscany in the countryside, a beautiful isolated place in the forest, I often meet new species of flowers or trees of unsettling beauty and I stop to observe them so as not to miss the details. As soon as I have the chance, I rush to art exhibitions of all kinds from the Uffizi in the center of Florence to contemporary art exhibitions in Berlin, London etc. Not having the opportunity to travel in this pandemic year, I have often locked myself up in our well-stocked library to browse through my favorite artists like Victor Vasarely or Dalí.

What’s in the future of your brand?

The consolidation of evolution is certainly more hard work and research to give more and more sustainability and quality to the brand.

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