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How was your passion for fashion born? How did you take your first steps in this sector?

My passion for fashion was truly a discovery. It all started with academic studies, which introduced me to this world and allowed a more veiled side of me to come out, manifest and evolve systematically. I took the first steps in the sector at this stage of my life and later, after completing my studies, through the first work experiences.

What does being a designer mean to you?

Designer is just another way of saying “creative” and being creative is very similar to being an artist, but in a spectrum that is perhaps more generic and less strictly compatible with a particular sector, such as that of visual arts for example, its characteristics and its clichés. All artists are creative, but not the other way around. For me these two worlds are very close and totally connected, if not inseparable. In my intimate conception, being a designer implies a strong artistic methodology and a relative use of its tools. The result of this work, therefore, must necessarily go beyond the simple creation of functional objects and reach a higher level, closer to art, while maintaining all the basic technical characteristics of the product. The search for this balance means being a designer for me and I can’t help but carry it out every day.


What are your sources of inspiration?

There are many and the most disparate. Some of them are the result of research and others come from life itself, natural or spontaneous. I draw inspiration mainly from art, from different styles and eras, from sculpture, architecture and interior design, as well as from applied arts. Last but not least, I am inspired by fashion design itself, on which I rely heavily for the aesthetics of an ideal target of consumers. All of this is constantly updated and evolves, season after season.

What are the materials you prefer in your collections?

The leathers of high quality and of Italian origin.


Three words to describe your brand.

Pure, intimate, exclusive.

What story do you want to tell with your creations?

Mine and that of others. I like the idea of creating a product that, given its unrepeatable characteristics, gives the wearer the freedom to feel unique or simply himself. This is not possible through trend or seasonality, it is something continuous and linear. For this reason my research is focused on the development of objects that are as timeless as possible and with their own character. The collections are certainly also a melting pot of all my passions, and tell their various facets. The goal is to create contact with the soul of those who look at them and wear them. The concept of painting and personally intervening on every single piece, which I developed for the new collection, is aimed precisely at adding value to the product and above all to create a stronger and more intense bond with those who wear them. The unique characteristics of that pair become qualities to be treasured and intimately felt.


What is the most important thing you have learned?

Personally speaking, I would say that the most important thing is to fight for your dreams, always and unconditionally. The experience of the pandemic and the lockdown forced us to stop and reflect, and reinforced my belief. Life is not an established reality to be taken for granted, but it is a gift to be preserved and cultivated in the uniqueness of our being, beyond the schemes, beyond social beliefs and stereotypes. Every day is an opportunity to create value. From a business point of view, however, I have certainly learned the importance of teamwork and how essential it is in the development of a company.

New projects or ideas you are working on?

My latest project is to develop an online store for the brand. It was an idea left on stand-by for too long and now it’s time to put it into practice. I would like it to be an open window on the world of the brand, where anyone who enters can receive an exhaustive overview and experience and understand that sense of exclusivity that underlies it. Regarding the collections, I am sincerely impatient to carry on this concept of the unique piece, developed with the Spring / Summer 2021 collection, and certainly also the new men’s line, launched this season.


How do you see your future?

Always focused on the development and representation of my passions, in different forms but still based on a personally essential principle which is creation. Of course, the goal is to make this project my main activity and carry it forward, evolve it, season after season. There are so many ideas about it, which excite me at the very thought and I will firmly try to realize them and show them to the public. I will continue to fight for my ideas, today and in the days to come.






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