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How was Maison Pórpora born?

Maison Pórpora was born from the desire to give shape to the aesthetic curiosity that has accompanied my life since I was a child. A curiosity that I try to keep fluid and interdimensional; Visual, formal, psychological and spiritual. Fashion is the tool through which I decided to tell this path.

Where are your bags made?

Our creations are produced in Italy, starting from leathers processed in Santa Croce sull’Arno, near Florence, in a way that is attentive to sustainability, worked by the expert hands of passionate artisans. We have also started experimenting with vegan materials, produced from the waste of the Italian wine chain, with the intention of presenting the next collections as cruelty free.

We try to create objects that in addition to function or decoration also have their own dignity, a personality capable of exciting, of satisfying multiple senses at the same time, so that the wearer can create an emotional bond that goes beyond use. We would like to generate a process of falling in love between us, the person and the object.

MAISON PÓRPORA | Photo by Martina Nermin De Pretto

How do you define the aesthetics of your creations?

Each project we develop seeks its own identity, both aesthetic and conceptual. Maison Pórpora does not want to be a content, but rather a container, capable of generating more stimuli.

Can you tell us about the creative process behind the creation of a bag?

I think that the creative act is a practical process, made up of constant commitment, not miracles. It is a gentle effort towards respecting our identity and at the same time an act of faith towards the future. In my case it is cyclical and made up of three elements: Input, Sedimentation, Return. The first phase is research, I observe everything that attracts my attention, without patterns, without structures, I am covered with external stimuli, apparently random. The second, sedimentation, is equivalent to a pause, I stop observing and dedicate myself to simple and repetitive activities, giving way to the stimuli deposited in my unconscious to emerge. Once each input has found its place within my mind, I start drawing. I spend whole days, establishing a dialogue between the unconscious and rationality. At that moment, associations are generated that acquire a personal aesthetic sense through experiences.


Your relationship with social media? How do they affect your work?

They are precious bidirectional tools, research and communication, but if understood as a language they risk flattening the creative process.

What is your opinion on the state of the fashion industry?

It is an industry based on the interpretation of evolution, it is useful as a key to understanding what surrounds us. As long as it does so sensitively it will be an added value.

How do you see the future of your brand?

As Lucio Battisti sang in the 1980s: “We will only find out by living …” 🙂

First photo by Ludovica Rosato





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