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Michael Spartano, born on July 8, 1989.

A diploma from the linguistic high school and a degree in European languages and cultures. A passion for football and a lack of interest in the fashion sector until the twentieth year, when my vision of life changes drastically.

A feeling of incomprehensible melancholy turns out to be the subject of my new direction, intrigued by the bearing of the accessory and all the questions that arise from it. Why are they wearing it? When with comfort and pride? If they support it, where? In reality, therefore, the primordial source of observation were people, their gestures and their looks that capture my every desire for learning.

I am a reserved type, often of few or many words, and I love my loneliness that I jealously guard as a necessity that can make me feel good. The analysis of society is therefore occasional, but consequently very deep and detailed, as if to capture the essence of the unspoken, mirror of the purest truth. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to transform the totality of this vision into a drawing, but I strongly believe time can slowly lead me to this goal.


What is the origin of your passion and how was your brand born?

The brand was born from a strong desire to express my thoughts. If on the one hand I conceive of my design as a faithful companion or extension of a garment, on the other hand I immediately sought something on which clothing should depend on it, therefore it had to manifest characteristics of strong personality and aesthetic attraction. Mine is a path that I would define sensitive, of care and innovation, which rests firmly on an assiduous search for raw materials and laboratories that can enhance every single development of the collection.

How would you define your creations in two words?

Nature and geometry.

When you work on a project, where do you start from?

Basically the design process has a great eye on the masterpieces of the past, a source of learning and celebration of the history that preceded us. Going a little deeper, I can say with certainty that there is no identical procedure for every project. Citing two of them, he can start from a different vision of a detail or simply from a market need and then develop artistically.

And what inspires you?

My inspiration is essentially divided into two macro-areas: geometry and nature. From the first I am obsessed with it, every form of painting or architecture is a source of great charm. It is no coincidence that my exploration touched the points of Ljubljana and Copenhagen, strong expressions of this philosophy. I am addicted to the second, I consider nature my natural habitat.

I recently had a significant connection with the river, whose calm I have always admired. I always try to steal some of it every time I close my eyes and listen to his voice of peace and awareness. If I am looking for reflection, ideas and answers I go to the river, where haste is not considered a good customer.


Who is your ideal customer?

It is a new generation of business people, with a young and dynamic approach. They are spiritual travelers with great attention to the aesthetic sense, within which they seek high functionality.

How important is Made in Italy for you?

Much. The high quality of the raw material and the close collaboration with the production chain (entirely located in Italy) are key points at the basis of the development of each collection, which often turns out to be continuous, strong in a coveted capacity for identification.

What has the pandemic taught you? How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

The pandemic has allowed me to understand more deeply who are the people I would like by my side, worthy of my love, affection and gratitude. I live in the countryside, and this was a great luck because it allowed me to dedicate a daily slice to the open air, in the vastness of the wheat fields. These moments turned out to be objects of meditation, loneliness and lucidity able to curb the negative charge carried by covid-19. The body has stopped, the mind has not.







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