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MIRA Visionary Concept


Giuseppe Fontana class of 1996, born in Caserta (Italy), founded the company MIRA Visionary Concept in 2015 which debuted on the international market in June 2017 at Paris Fashion Week and in October of the same year at Shanghai Fashion Week. The launch pad that positioned the brand right from the start on the international market. Today we work with various luxury boutiques around the world, especially in Eastern Europe and Asia, with collections that develop on a total look for men and women. Several worldwide distributors collaborate with MIRA in Italy, Russia and Greece.

How was your passion for fashion born? Where do you find inspiration?

The passion for fashion comes from the desire for expression. At the age of 18 I began to delve into the history and philosophy of Yves Saint Laurent and I began to realize that fashion was not a simple display of a social status, but a real form of communication, a language to express one’s identity. From here comes the inspiration; the idea of creating a brand that fully reflects my identity, on which we built the Brand Identity. Through inconographic patterns representing elements that allude to the visionary, we propose a clear and direct message: MIRA is ambition, looking beyond: this is the philosophy from which the “visionary” pay-off is born. Aspirare, ambire, mirare: here are some words that describe the brand’s message in the most immediate way.

Image from MIRA Visionary Concept

How would you describe your style?

I would call it “Expressive Luxury Steetwear“. At the base of each collection there is a message to be sent to the end user that we express by developing patterns and graphics. Who wears MIRA is the spokesperson for these messages.

New projects or ideas you are working on?

We have several projects in the works. One we are starting to work on is a new project that faces the Kids world, and to create ad hoc collections for the child.

Image from MIRA Visionary Concept

What will your next collection be like? Can you anticipate something?

After the enormous disruption caused by the pandemic, the question was: What if the secret to taking a step forward was to take one backward?

So MIRA slows down and focuses on its strengths, developing them with a new awareness. We have focused on the bestsellers of all time and developed new graphic packages related to the theme using only natural fabrics. Hence the new SS21 “STEP BACK” Collection.

I also invite you to take a look at the new FW 20/21 collection available on our online shop (www.miravisionaryconcept.com) and at all our retailers.

Where are your clothes made?

The production chain develops entirely in Italy. Each garment is designed, produced, printed and packaged here. The quality of the materials, the printing and the Italian manufacturing guarantee an excellent product.

Image from MIRA Visionary Concept

How is it possible to support Italian fashion?

In my opinion, collaboration should be the key. The top Italian brands could abandon Fashion Weeks in Paris, London, New York and concentrate all events in Italy. In this way there would be:

– less costs for companies;

– attraction of all international buyers in Italy;

– greater visibility also for Italian brands that do not have the opportunity to access international fairs;

– creation of collateral economies (tourism).






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