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How and when did your love for the fashion world born?

The love for fashion derives from the passion of Maria Vittoria, the founder, for the industry, a passion she has cultivated since she was a young girl and which she has applied since she was very young working and launching her jewelry brand.

How did you manage to launch the brand?

As mentioned earlier, Maria Vittoria was born as a jewelry designer, but she quickly became an established influencer and was appreciated for her looks by her followers. From there a second job was born. She was the initial force for the launch of the brand which was conceived and developed immediately as an entirely digital project. The secret of the success achieved certainly derives from this and from the uniqueness of the project’s approach.

What are the characteristics that define your creations?

All the pieces of clothing that we insert in collections are always very current, but at the same time we offer pieces that remain so in the wardrobe of the woman who wears them. So current, but timeless, sophisticated in every detail and never banal. The wide long sleeves and the often distinctive shoulder pads are recurring and unique details of our pieces of clothing.

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Image from MVP Wardrobe

Where do you find inspiration?

The inspiration comes mainly from Maria Vittoria’s wardrobe, from the requests and ideas of her followers and from seasonal trends.

What will your next collection look like?

We work on monthly releases. The next release, as always, includes all product categories: from the dress, to outerwear, shirts, trousers, sweatshirts … All offered in a total look. It will be the perfect wardrobe for autumn also for thickness and colors: there will be lots of green, cream and black.

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Image from MVP Wardrobe

New projects or ideas you are working on?

The inclusion of the brand in stores is the latest news, but we will always aim to be as digital and social as possible. One above all is our ambassadorsdigital project that we have launched  in various countries including Poland. Many Polish influencers are already working with us! We also have some beautiful collaborations in the drawer, but we can’t reveal anything yet.

What are the distinctive features of your brand? Why choose you?

Surely all those we have mentioned among the characteristics of our collection. Another strong point is undoubtedly knowing how to reinterpret and detach the product categories from the canonical occasions of use: the sweatshirt becomes super chic and can also be worn in the evening or at work, the mini dress is perfect even during the day combined with a shoe, sneakers or flat boots, denim becomes perfect for the evening thanks to unusual details and cuts.

Images from MVP Wardrobe






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