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Hi, I’m Natalia and I was born in Colombia. I lived in the first years of my life on a small island in the middle of the ocean and then I moved to 2,600 meters above sea level, to Bogota, where I graduated in Art. The passion for sculpture and terracotta has always accompanied me, even in Italy, where I moved about 5 years ago (first to Faenza and then to Bologna) to specialize in ceramics.

How was your passion and your brand born?

My passion has always been art. Since I was a child I liked to create things with my hands, to paint pictures, I have always been a very curious child. My brand was born because when I was doing an internship in a ceramic paint factory they asked me to do a lot of glaze tests. I had to make a kind of buttons that after firing looked like (to me) small earrings.

PEPAFLACA | Photography: Valeria Dellisanti

Why did you choose to create “handmade” jewelery?

Creating something with your hands makes it more special. It is as if I leave a piece of my life in each piece of jewelry. They may be tiny earrings, but behind them there is always a story, a path of research, trials, errors and small successes.

How would you define your style?

This is a very difficult question… I can’t define myself in just one style: I like to think that I took inspiration from many artists and personal experiences to create my own style.

What are the distinctive features of your brand? Why choose you?

The most marked distinctive feature of Pepaflaca are above all its irregular shapes, with light “crumpled” textures, characterized above all by the white color and gold (but not only!) … sometimes it is really hard to think that it is porcelain. They are like wearable sculptures and each jewel has its own particularity. The fact that they are created by hand makes them unique and unrepeatable.

What was the first jewel you designed?

They were rings made with porcelain with the Nerikomi technique.

What inspires you?

The transformation of matter. As from the white earth, undergoing firing processes, with different coatings it is possible to create such beautiful things.

When you work on a project, where do you start from?

I always start by making sketches or with a piece of paper I cut the shape to see the size of the piece of jewelry I would like.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’m doing some color tests to introduce some more colorful versions (as I said above, not just white and gold).

Can you tell us something about your next creations?

Always remaining on the color theme, there will be another protagonist color that will amaze you.

How important is Made in Italy for you?

More than for Made in Italy (perhaps I should say for Made in Italy but thought in Colombia) I am on the path of “Made consciously”.

A piece of jewelry for you is …….

It is a sculpture to be worn every day.





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