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Silvia Zoppellari, founder of Pyla and designer of the brand – I studied in Rome and Paris, Marketing and Communication in the field of luxury goods. Later I worked in Paris for big fashion houses like Valentino.
Maria Giulia Cecchini, my right arm and IT Manager of Pyla, we have always worked together and have been friends for many years. Maria Giulia studied IT in Rome and recently moved to Dublin to complete her education.
Carolina Grierson, relatively new to Team Pyla. She is the youngest of the group and in fact she is still finishing her studies in London. Her role is that of Marketing Specialist.

How was your jewelry brand born?

The brand is the result of an outburst of an unexpressed creativity that at the age of 27 I felt I had to satisfy. Since I couldn’t find jewelry that I liked and could adapt to my aesthetic, I decided to create it myself, thus founding the Pyla brand in 2016.

I took a trip to southwestern France along the Arcachon basin and found myself at the foot of Pyla, an incredibly shaped sand dune. Unbeknownst to me, my jewelry brand would take the name of what I found in front of me. The concept of a dune so majestic, yet so unusual and essential, is what my jewelry try to testify season after season.

How do you define the aesthetics of your creations?

Ethereal, which renounces excesses, characterized by simple shapes that derive from an elementary geometry. Pyla jewels are structures reduced in their essential terms, which always lead us back to the beating heart of our project: the importance of design and shape.


What are your inspirations in life?

Pyla’s designs orbit around modern and contemporary art that incorporates aesthetic references from the past. Exemplary for me is the work of the architect Edoardo Tresoldi and the artist Lucio Fontana.

What is the piece of jewelry in the collection that best represents your vision of the brand?

From our current Collection (Cities), the piece of jewelry that most represents us now is Copenhagen. It is a handmade necklace of silver plated brass. It was the surprise of this collection, because it has a simple design but enriched by a timeless and elegant fold. It is the type of accessory you didn’t think you needed until you wear it.

How much of your personal style is there in the brand?

In the daily chaos of Rome we try to take refuge in the calmness of our jewelry. It is it who emanate a spirit of balance and give us a sense of purpose. Pyla jewelry is designed around our lifestyle, it is practical and light, and promotes zero-waste, a topic currently very relevant in the market. We like to think that many women are looking for the same, and that in a restless environment like the one that 2020 left us they can find jewelry that makes them feel good.

What makes a Pyla piece of jewelry extraordinary?

What makes a Pyla piece of jewelry extraordinary is its transversality. I create jewelry without any pretense except to give a new enthusiasm to the person, already precious and already complete in itself. I am also very attached to craftsmanship, which gives me the opportunity to enhance materials and shapes that are not always regular and symmetrical. The malleability of the resin and brass, which are entirely handmade, makes the creative process much freer from static and robotic production (typical of many brands that opt for mass production).


How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

Being stimulated in such a static environment as that of a home has really weakened my creative path. It was a period where I had to think about the Spring / Summer 2021 collection and generating new ideas was initially a very tiring undertaking. My imagination had thinned and the pressure to create something new was very strong. I did a lot of tests with different shapes and materials, which slowed down the production for some time. After several attempts, I completed the collection once the lockdown was over.

How is the jewelry market evolving?

The jewelery market is becoming saturated and more and more people think that entering is child’s play! The jewelry market – in particular minimal jewelry – which is the submarket we are talking about, is a trend that needs to be understood in advance. This is how Pyla, like many other brands, reaped the fruits of their work. In addition to having a certain foresight, what is needed to emerge in these environments is certainly ambition and determination.

How do you see your future?

Society is changing and people are adapting to new habits that are expressed through the increasingly widespread use of technological tools. Behaviors that are transforming the advertising and sales strategies of every sector, including jewelry, to challenge the ability of companies to adapt to a sector whose product is firmly anchored in traditions. Given the role that jewels have played in society, as status symbol objects or a sign of group identity, in these modern times they can even reach a spiritual and ethereal value.







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