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Silvia Cataudella, Carlotta Chirico e Marta Molesini present their brand:

How was your brand born?

During our time spent in London, we started browsing the many shops and markets that the city offers. There were obviously a lot of genres and styles, London is able to offer a vast amount of bizarre garments and lines, but with astonishment we noticed that the classic men’s vest was never missing; the variations were endless, with different prints and fabrics, but the cut was almost always the same.

Hence the intuition of revisiting a purely masculine garment that could be presented in a modern key to a female audience. We started thinking about what kind of gilet we would like to have in our closet and created our carry-over model in short and long versions. We wanted to make the gilet not a simple accessory, but that passepartout garment to wear on every occasion, that garment that makes the day different for the wearer, something versatile that improves and defines your style: in short, an ace up our sleeve.

 How do you define the aesthetics of your creations?

Our creations range from classic to bold. We love to use contrasting fabrics and prints with strong, impactful colors. To create the models, we think about what we would like to wear in the various moments of our days. From there we are inspired to create the clothing. In addition to this, a lot of space is dedicated to research, with the aim of creating garments that are of high quality and durable over time, garments that are therefore more unique and timeless than fashionable.

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Image from SCILé

Which model of the collection best represents your vision of the brand?

The model that best represents us is certainly the PALOMA model. It was our first model and in each collection we propose it again with different fabrics and prints, keeping the cut and the short and long version. It takes its name from Paloma Picasso, an icon of style and elegance who certainly inspired us a lot for the creation of this model.

What is the strong point of Scilè?

There are two strong points of SCILé The first concerns the creation of our prints which, drawn by hand, are inspired by movements and artistic currents that characterize all our collections, making the garments truly unique pieces.

The second is Made in Italy. We try to use 100% natural fabrics that have a low environmental impact.  To do that, we develop all our collections in Italy in order to support the local economy and to minimize CO2 emissions caused by transportation.

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Image from SCILé

What are your inspirations in life and how do you see your future?

For the future we hope to be able to make SCILé grow and make it internationally known, while always maintaining its current characteristics that make it a niche brand for the few, without becoming a commercial brand.

Who is Scilè’s ideal woman?

She is a woman who is certainly sensitive to art in all its forms and who appreciates the beauty that surrounds her. SCILé identifies with a woman who has a dynamic life and who loves being around people. She is an ironic and self-ironic person, with a story and the intense experiences she has lived can be perceived.

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Image from SCILé

What message do you want to give with your creations? What story do you want to tell?

The message behind SCILé is certainly the idea of ​​being able to give women the opportunity to wear a garment that defines the look. That garment that if worn changes the outfit and the look of the wearer, a real ace up one’s sleeve. SCILé garments can be worn freely, but without losing their own identity. The world of SCILé is a world influenced by art that tells different stories depending on the outfit, the time of day and the mood of the wearer. Each SCILé therefore has a different story and evolves over time while maintaining its uniqueness.

 Any new projects or ideas you are working on?

Right now we are working on the FW21 collection that we will present in Milan and Paris between January and February. We are also working on a small limited edition created using scraps of fabrics that we would like to present before Christmas. We are also planning a collaboration with an artist, but at the moment we cannot give you further details.

Images from SCILé






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