Riccardo has a degree in conservation of cultural heritage, specializing in contemporary art, after a master’s in fashion he changed course and worked in Max Mara for more than 10 years, dealing with visual merchandising and coordination of the brand image. Monica is a designer specialized in outerwear and knitwear, she worked in Max Mara for 8 years as a designer and fashion coordinator and then in Woolrich for another 6 years as design director; she has been working as a freelancer for some years and together we have channeled our experiences into wundercamera lab which is an eclectic consulting firm that crosses different fields and brings together our paths.

How was your passion for fashion and your brand born?

We learned to love fashion as students first and then as professionals, for the bond it has with what is happening in the world and the possibility of bringing and drawing from different fields in the creative process, always in a mix of depth and lightness. We love fashion because it is a very serious thing but also something to play with.
Our brand was born after years of experience, and was born from the need to tell the stories of some small production companies with which we have come into contact over the years and with the aim of creating a wardrobe of special pieces that could draw on a couple, as we do in everyday life by exchanging pieces continuously.


How would you define your style?

We are not looking for a precise idea of style, but the key thing is that each of our garments is unique. We are not interested in giving a precise message to be renewed from season to season, we think more about making each garment special with the freedom to change our mind every time we start a project. We trust that our taste and instinct create a recognizable thread.

What inspires you?

The raw material excites us in its uniqueness. More generally, art and photography, but also music and dance, we do not preclude anything. We have learned by traveling a lot for work and for pleasure to experiment and be curious about everything, to tell ourselves the stories that we then tell through the collections. We also study a lot, we read and do research constantly, instinct is precious but must be cultivated and organized, we have a creative but also scientific approach to our projects.

When working on a project, what do you start from?

The first step is built around an intuition, or a feeling or a particular interest. From here we start with the design phase, researching both images and articles, we read, we discuss, we also talk a lot about things that do not concern the product and we put together ideas and materials. Then we start drawing, but it is only the last step of a creative process of analysis.

How important is Made in Italy and tailoring to you?

Made in Italy is a natural choice because we have grown professionally among the excellence of Made in Italy and it is what we know best in its enormous potential and riches and within its limits and in which we know how to move to enhance it in its contemporaneity. Our ambition is to bring innovation to tradition.


How did you approach the lockdown on a creative level?

Honestly, we experienced a moment of great creativity. Our days are very intense because besides our brand we have both a creative and art direction consultancy studio so we often work on many projects at the same time, which is exciting but the pace is intense. So being in this moment of emptiness and slowness has led us to free our minds from “things to do” to do only what we wanted, even sometimes doing nothing. Stop and think. We have listened to many podcasts, designed for the pleasure of doing it and obviously baked pizzas. In the meantime we have founded a collective of emerging designers called EngrammaLab and of which we have launched the first project in these days, born during the lockdown, we have shared hours of brainstorming chats to understand if we could put together the energies in a difficult moment to strength each other.

What are you working on at the moment?

We are working on the next winter project and in the meantime we carry on all the activities of the studio, which mainly concern video and photo productions, we have a team of young creatives and artists in continuous evolution and with whom we work with enthusiasm and professionalism, but also with lightness, because we all need to feel good and positive energy.

What’s in the future of WUNDERCAMERA WARDROBE?

We are full of ideas and look to the future with energy. We want to continue our path of connections and experiments starting from knitwear and exploring new materials and products, without throwing away the projects already made, keeping some carry-over pieces or reinterpreting already presented garments. We don’t believe in consuming every 6 months and throwing ideas away. We have already started eliminating plastic from every step where possible, all garments are shipped in cotton bags and are equipped with a recovery kit, which contains small balls of yarn and an instruction booklet for washing and maintenance of the garment. Our aim is to extend the life of each garment as much as possible, our aspiration is to create garments that last forever, which is why we have also created an extra service called “I love you” in which we offer the possibility of sending the garments to our laboratories where we will take care of washing and arranging them in the best possible way and making them as new.






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