My name is Chiara Salimbeni, I live in Florence and I am a sunny and curious girl. I grew up in my grandfather's workshop, immersed in art books and this detail has greatly influenced my aesthetics. In life, I have a brand called Jouetout to which I dedicate most of my time, and I am also a fashion teacher.

The allegorical language intrigues me and I appreciate the reality described with a critical and ambiguous eye, therefore after completing my studies in Graphic Art, admiring the visionary works of Bosch, Dürer and the aesthetics of Jodorowsky, I understood that the way to follow it was in some ways different from what I had undertaken.

I am an Italian designer and ceramist, originally from Milan and currently living in Rotterdam. My work ranges from pottery made on the wheel to handbuilt pieces, from small everyday objects to iconic pieces that mix functionality and artistic expression.

I am an Italian artist. I use various languages and techniques to shape my vision. Since 2008, ceramic has become the medium that I mainly use. I come from a historic family that has been involved in ceramics for two centuries in Nove, a small town in the Veneto region, 1 hour from Venice.

The brand is the result of an outburst of an unexpressed creativity that at the age of 27 I felt I had to satisfy. Since I couldn't find jewelry that I liked and could adapt to my aesthetic, I decided to create it myself, thus founding the Pyla brand in 2016.


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