My name is Carolina, I was born and raised in a town in the province of Milan. Always creative and art lover. After graduating in Economics, I decided to undertake a path totally different from my studies: I moved to Florence where I lived for eight years and I was able to immerse myself in the goldsmith world.

We are Stefano Bassan and Gianluca Sigismondi (24), we graduated in Product Design in 2019 at the IED European Institute of Design in Milan. We started collaborating during the course of studies concluded with a thesis together. During the conclusion of the thesis we supported the CARA \ DAVIDE studio working on different projects, especially the one for Rinascente. From here was born the right energy that led us to create Finemateria.

I grew up between New York City and the Eolian island of Lipari. I had a creative upbringing and was immersed in both American and Italian culture which had a huge influence on me becoming an artist. I studied painting at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and in 2019 I started Idda Studio as a way to bring my paintings to live through fabric.

We learned to love fashion as students first and then as professionals, for the bond it has with what is happening in the world and the possibility of bringing and drawing from different fields in the creative process, always in a mix of depth and lightness. We love fashion because it is a very serious thing but also something to play with.

It all started a bit by chance. I don't remember when exactly, maybe at 14 or 15, but I remember well how. My father had borrowed my cousin's camera for family photos and I was fascinated by that gadget that seemed so special to me.

The love for drawing and the passion for fashion led me to create the first sketches. After graduating and several postgraduate courses, I decided to found my brand with the idea of dressing a woman who is free to express her identity and personality.

In 2014, one year after returning from Belgium, I met a perfumer and got to know the world of perfume creation more closely by visiting his atelier. In April 2014, returning home, I realized that the perfume would help me to tell my thoughts, to spread my mission. So in 2015 I decided to found EXTRAIT D’ATELIER, an olfactory journey with the aim of bringing people closer to crafts, to wear the essence of savoir-faire.

The brand was born from a strong desire to express my thoughts. If on the one hand I conceive of my design as a faithful companion or extension of a garment, on the other hand I immediately sought something on which clothing should depend on it, therefore it had to manifest characteristics of strong personality and aesthetic attraction.

Our passion for fashion is an innate interest that is embedded in us both from childhood. Kristen dressed herself and her brother up from the get go, and I’ve always had a curiosity for the feeling and textures of fabrics since I was a little girl. It’s definitely something that just clicks with the two of us. It’s an unspoken word, a shared love, or a code as such that we uniquely share as a duo. Whether it’s designing, styling, or art directing for auór, it’s what we love and do best naturally.


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