It took me a while to understand that this passion was called fashion. I started sewing with my grandmother, I was very young, fabrics have always fascinated me and fashion managed to put together more than one passion of mine, giving me the opportunity to carry out projects with short deadlines, to create wearable "works '' and play with the image.

We are Mediterranean. We want to take you to the unique, utopian place where our vision of the world and of things is. By creating unique pieces, without creative constraints, art, craftsmanship and design come together. Without setting ourselves, therefore, limits in terms of materials, techniques and tools to be used in order to communicate our vision

I am Vincenzo, founder and general manager of the brand, from a small town in Calabria I move to Naples to complete my studies in law, the area was very alive in fashion, especially in the production of clothing so I decide to launch the brand almost for fun , I take care of the management and strategy of the brand at 360 degrees while my designer Mario Fantuz, with decades of experience in several important Italian fashion houses, is an active part of the style department.

Federica Tiranti and Chiara Marconi, both of us come from totally different paths and which had nothing to do with fashion. One graduated in Pharmacy who lived in Paris and the other in diplomatic studies at the Normale di Pisa who lived in Rio de Janeiro. Both ski instructors which was the catalyst for our friendship. We are two completely different women from every point of view but with two characteristics in common: the desire to do things and the perseverance to be able to reach our goals. What is the origin of your passion and how was your brand born? Chitè

I am Elisa Aramu, I am 29 years old and I was born and raised in Biella, a city located in the north west of Italy, well known for its textile industry. I graduated in Business Administration from the University of Turin and after a short study period in Canada, I moved for a few years to Paris where I studied and worked in retail and marketing. Now I am back in Italy and I dedicate myself to Aramù.

VERONICA GAUTSCHI PRESENTS HER BRAND: How was your passion for fashion born? The passion for creation comes from the family and passes between painting, music and art in all its creative forms. Since I was a child, I created clothes and accessories for my dolls with my mother's fabric scraps and simple handicrafts. Growing up, I cultivated this passion by studying design and I believe I have combined in my brand the rigor and geometric shapes typical of Swiss design, with the elegant and timeless style of my Italian origins. How would you define your style? A linear, ethereal and timeless style. IMAGE FROM VERONICA

Our project, the T-BAR model, was born by chance, one evening during a dinner. We talked about things that we like and that we struggled to find around the shops, with a model and a quality that respected our ideas and our choices. While we were chatting, Serena drew a shoe on the napkin … very close to the one we then made … and so, with a few numbers and a wealth of ideas and sensations, we launched ourselves! We decided to get passionate about this world, made up of craftsmanship - of Italian productions and stories, and we

Designer is just another way of saying "creative" and being creative is very similar to being an artist, but in a spectrum that is perhaps more generic and less strictly compatible with a particular sector, such as that of visual arts for example, its characteristics and its clichés. All artists are creative, but not the other way around.


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