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I don't think of fashion as a trend, but as a non-verbal language. Clothing allows us to communicate our personality, our individuality, it allows us to send messages as if it were our business card. It has the ability to make us feel good, beautiful, precious, self-confident; sometimes wearing a piece of clothing can be an armor to face the world around us.

INTERVIEW WITH ELISA CIOLLI, FOUNDER AND DESIGNER OF LIASE: How and when did you get interested in jewelry making? The first seed was planted by my mother since I was very small. I must say that my mother is a great lover of jewels and watches, a collector and I think this has influenced me a lot in my choice even if I then deepened in fashion in general. What is your first memory related to the desire to create? My love for creating was born from an early age, with a natural predisposition for drawing, and a marked sensitivity for colors. Over time

n fact, I have always thought of my business as a design business. I have a degree as an interior designer and my experience in architectural studies has sharpened my design skills. Designing a design object is practically the same as designing a bathing suit: you do research, you have an idea, you make it yours through your aesthetic and functional vision and then you create the prototype, fix it, embellish it and voila!

INTERVIEW WITH MADDALENA AND ALESSANDRA, FOUNDERS OF STUDIO FORMA: Maddalena: My name is Maddalena, I am 28 years old, I have a degree in Fashion Design and I am specializing in Fashion Styling. I have chosen fashion as a language: design allows me to give shape to thoughts and tell my stories. For a while I moved away from this world, I had other work experiences but nothing made me satisfied: just before the pandemic I decided to retrace my steps and reopen those drawers that I had locked, and now here we are! Alessandra: My name is Alessandra, I am 36 years old

We had the same passion, the fashion world filtered by our eye and artistic spirit, perceived as a means of communication and expression of ourselves. Over the years our relationship has grown, strengthened and enriched with creative figures that unite us, to the point of making us two complementary people.

I am Anastasia Agurbash (@anastasia_agurbash), I am originally from Russia, but I have been living in Milan for over 10 years. I am founder and designer of Port’Arte (@portarte) – jewelry brand, where all pieces are created and hand made by me.

Maison Pórpora was born from the desire to give shape to the aesthetic curiosity that has accompanied my life since I was a child. A curiosity that I try to keep fluid and interdimensional; Visual, formal, psychological and spiritual. Fashion is the tool through which I decided to tell this path.

I'm Fabio Lonardi, I'm a fashion designer and illustrator. Born and raised in Turin, I have been familiar with the artistic world since I was a child. After moving to Milan, I began my studies at NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. Attracted and fascinated by the world of aesthetics, graphics and materials, I deepened my studies in the Fashion Design sector, graduating and still working in the fashion sector.

I was born between the sea and the sun of the beautiful Naples. Soon I will finish my studies at NABA (New Academy of Fine Arts), an academy that has given me many theoretical and practical acquisitions to be able to develop my garments to the best of today.


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